(Cedar Rapids, IA)—The YellowbookUSA Stock Cars and Super Trucks made their final Hawkeye Downs appearance of the season Friday night joining the Marines.com IMCA Hobby Stocks, Barron Motor Supply Super Stocks, Women on Wheels, Miller Time Modifieds,  and Performance Concepts Late Models on Rainbow Paint and Sandblasting night.


            Jonathon Eilen of Hampton, MN picked up his first career Mid-American Stock Car Series victory Friday night edging out Curt Van Der Wal for the win.

            Peter Hernandez led all but the last five laps after Eilen executed a bump and run move to take the lead with five ticks left on the lap board. Eilen got a bit loose himself in turn two after the pass but recovered and held onto the spot. Hernandez wound up third with James swan and Jeremy Miller completing the top of the order.


            Denny Osborn edged out his son Brad for the win in the Performance Concepts Late Model feature.  The elder Osborn built a huge lead from the drop of the green but Brad was running nearly 3 tenths of a second faster according to Alliant Energy Timing and Scoring. At that pace it was only a matter of time before a challenge was set up but Denny was able to hold off Brad on the final lap to take the win by a margin of .131 seconds.


Jeff Watters, Mineral Point, WI finished third while Dudley Fleck and Kyle Hinrichs crossed the Lint Millwright Start-Finish Line in fourth and fifth, respectively.


Mid-American Super Trucks Series point leader Jamie Farrell picked up his third win out of the last four races finishing ahead of Donnie Woller, Hawkeye Downs competitor Kevin Korsmo, John Vig, Jr.,  and Oklahoma driver Eric Caudell.


Korsmo led briefly after Vince Wilkinson dropped out with mechanical problems with just five laps gone. Farrell caught Korsmo and motored into the lead  with 11 laps gone. Korsmo did battle back but two turns later Farrell cleared Korsmo and cruised to the easy win.


Larry Clausen has been close to the front all season in the Miller Time Modifieds but Friday night the veteran driver found Coca-Cola Victory Lane. Clausen had his hands full with  point leader Tim Plummer in the closing laps. Plummer benefited from a series of cautions and a fast car which enabled him to catch Clausen, but he ran out of time to make a pass. Clausen prevailed by a scant .074 seconds.


Arlo Becker crossed the finish line in third with Kyle Hinrichs and Brian Allen finishing in the top five also.


The IMCA Marines.com Hobby Stocks were bolstered by a number of visiting drivers who traveled to Cedar Rapids while participating in the IMCA Boone Nationals this week. The feature was nothing short of spectacular with three and four- wide racing throughout. In the end Matt Poduska collected the winning hardware in the green to checkers race. Poduska finished ahead of  Brandon Herb, Steve Snyder, Greg Hentrich, and Scott Siems.


Despite their low numbers the Women on Wheels put on an exciting show once again with Connie Binder taking the win. Some hard racing resulted in a couple spins that kept the numbers on the scoreboard spinning. Finishing behind Binder was Jessica Hoffman, Carrie Carnahan and Kandi Floyd.


Also in action Friday night were the Barron Motor Supply Super Stocks. Bob Ahrendsen drove a patient race and picked his way through the pack taking the lead from Jim Hanson with just two laps remaining. Hanson held on to second with Dave McCalla chasing him for third. Paul Walder  and Kurt Bohnsack completed the top of the order.


Hawkeye Downs takes the week off this Friday as the F.E.S.T. Fireworks training school and display takes place. Racing resumes September 24.






Hawkeye Downs Speedway

Feature Results

September 10, 2004


Performance Concepts Late Models

Feature (25 laps)

1.Denny Osborn, Janesville; 2. Brad Osborn, Janesville; 3.Jeff Watters, Mineral Point, WI; 4. Dudley Fleck, Cedar Rapids; 5. Kyle Hinrichs, Swisher; 6. JJ Meyer, Cedar Rapids; 7. Chris Sevey, Waterloo; 8. Lyle Williams, Center Point; 9. Dean Slater, Schaumburg, IL; 10. Tom Mangano, Cedar Rapids; 11. Jeff King, Cedar Rapids


Barron Motor Supply Super Stocks

Feature (25 laps)

1. Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids; 2. Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 3. Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids; 4. Paul Walder, Cedar Rapids; 5. Kurt Bohnsack, Iowa City; 6. Chad Siems, Mt. Auburn; 7, Brad Dvorak, Cedar Rapids; 8. Kevin Franks, Cedar Rapids; 9. Doug Simon, Marion; 10. Martin Ballard, Marengo; 11. Cory Houdek, Anamosa; 12. Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha; 13. Sonny Parker, Cedar Rapids; 14. Matt Greiner, Washington; 15. Wendy Carnahan, Cedar Rapids; DNS- Randy Filling, Logan Hale, Scott Grady


Miller Time Modifieds

Feature (25 laps)

1. Larry Clausen, Cedar Rapids; 2. Tim Plummer, Norway; 3. Arlo Becker, Atkins; 4. Kyle Hinrichs, Swisher; 5. Brian Allen, Hiawatha; 6. Rodney Rocarek, Mt. Vernon; 7. Bob Gase, Cedar Rapids; 8. Steve lindell, Marion; 9. Chad Willet, Cedar Rapids; 10. Aric Becker, Cedar Rapids; 11. Darrell Long, Cedar Rapids; 12. Jody Lana, Cedar Rapids


IMCA Marines.com Hobby Stocks

Feature(15 laps)

1. Matt Poduska, Cedar Rapids; 2. Brandon Herb, Cedar Rapids; 3. Steve Snyder, Cedar Rapids; 4. Terry Shaffar, State Center; 5. Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids; 6. Aaron Meyer,  Cedar Rapids; 7. Bryce Mitchell, Cedar Rapids; 8. Chad Vozenilek, Fairfax; 9. Roland Bohnsack, Clutier; 10. Matt Drotz; 11. Ron Dighton, Cedar Rapids; 12. Dillon Smith; 13. Scott Durlin; 14. Perry Thomsen, Cedar Rapids; 15. Alan Montgomery; 16. Dave Gleason, Cedar Rapids; 17. Scott Strauss, Cedar Rapids; 18. Mark Hauder, Dubuque; 19. Jessie Laningham; 20. B. Downer


Women on Wheels

Feature (10 laps)

1. Connie Binder, Clutier; 2. Jessica Hoffman, Atkins; 3. Carrie Carnahan, Marion; 4. Kandi Floyd, Cedar Rapids


YellowbookUSA Mid-AM Stock Cars

Feature (40 laps)  (Due to technical difficulties Hawkeye Downs is only able to furnish the top five finishers)

1. Jonathon Eilen, Hampton, MN; 2. Curtis VanDerWal, Oskaloosa; 3. Peter Hernandez, Mokena, IL; 4. James Swan, Lake Geneva, WI; 5. Jeremy Miller, Rockton, IL


YellowbookUSA Mid-AM Super Trucks

Feature (30 laps) (Due to technical difficulties Hawkeye Downs is only able to furnish the top five finishers)

1. Jamie Farrell, New Prague, MN; 2. Donnie Woller, Merrill, WI; 3. Kevin Korsmo, Atkins; 4. John Vig, Jr., Shakopee, MN; 5. Eric Caudell, Piedmont, OK