By Brad Grupe


(Cedar Rapids, IA 9/7/03)—With most of the division point titles still up for grabs coming into Friday night the largest paid crowd of the season showed up to watch as the season champions were crowned.


            The Performance Concepts Late Models, Budweiser Late Models Sportsmen, Miller Time Modifieds, Duffy’s Collectible Cars Legends and Barron Motor Supply Super Stocks were joined by the Special K Motorsports Hobby Stocks and Strauss Embroidery Women On Wheels divisions for the features only program presented by Rainbow Paint and Sandblasting. The Hobby Stocks and Women On Wheels will be joining the Friday program next season.


            On the track, 14 year old Landon Cassill of Fairfax visited Coca-Cola Vistory Lane twice scoring feature wins in both Legends and  Modifieds. Cassill took the lead on the second lap of the 15-lap Legends feature and cruised to an easy win over a slim field of cars that has dwindled do to attrition caused by mechanical problems and crashes. The win, which was the eighth of the season, sealed the points championship for Cassill in the Legends division.


            The line-ups for Friday’s features were based on an invert determined by a chip drawn by the current point leader. In the case of the Miller Time Modifieds point leader Bob Gase drew a ‘twelve’ which meant he would start in twelfth. That also put Landon Cassill on the point for the thirty-lap race and he was unstoppable from the front of the field. Shawn Stinger and Max Corporon crossed the stripe in second and third.


            Gase needed to finish no more than five positions by Larry Clausen to take the title and he did just that. Gase finished  6th while Clausen finished 4th giving Gase the ASA Papa Johns Cup Iowa Wireless Season Championship.


            Coming into Friday night’s 25 lap Budweiser Late Model Sportsmen there was a whole myriad of possibilities of who could win the title. Most importantly, the current point leader, Johnny Mudd needed to finish third or better which is exactly what he did. The race, which saw Mudd start in tenth, was won by Scott Wennermark, who has posted a very strong second half of the season. Another point contender, John Henecke finished the feature in second.


            Johnny Mudd ended up edging out Wennermark by just four points to earn his second points title at Hawkeye Downs in the Sportsmen division.


            Denny Osborn, who is a rookie as far as pavement racing, picked up his third Late Model win of the season, finishing ahead of his son, Brad Osborn. Randy Coghlan posted another strong performance, finishing in third.


            Johnny Spaw earned  his eighth Performance Concepts Late Model  points championship after starting the race in eighth. He needed to stay within 8 positions of Mike Ehde to take the title and he actually finished two spots ahead of Ehde, who has been in the thick of the points chase all season.


            Another driver who led the points for part of the season, Jim Ross, finished the feature in fourth. Ross bowed out of the points race to pursue an opportunity in the ASA racing Series.


            Kevin Franks scored the feature win in the Barron Motor Supply Super Stocks, finishing ahead of Chad Siems and Jim Hanson in the thirty lap feature. The point leader, Bob Ahrendsen, started in sixth based on the draw and finished fifth. Ahrendsen had to stay within 5 positions of second-place Jim Hanson to take the points title.  Ahrendsen was able to win the title despite having an Appendectomy a few weeks ago.


            The Special K Motorsports Hobby Stock points race was also tight  but came to a bit of an anti-climactic  finish as the car of point leader Matt Poduska wouldn’t fire after being rolled onto the starting grid. That gave the points title to Bryce Mitchell, who ended up third in the feature event.


            The Hobby Stock Feature win went to Scott Strauss who edged out Ed O’Brien for the winners hardware.


            The Hobby Stocks, which will be an IMCA sanctioned class next season, will be part of the Friday program in 2004.


            Also on the card Friday night were the Strauss Embroidery Women on Wheels. Gwen Chrisensen-Jones already had the points title in hand by starting the race on Friday night as she had a considerable margin over Kandi Floyd. On the track Jodi Cranston won the feature followed by former champion Deb Mefford. Jessica Hoffman finished in third.


            The Women on Wheels will also run on most Friday night in 2004.






Cedar Rapids, IA


September 5, 2003

Performance Concepts Late Models

FEATURE (25 laps)

1.      Denny Osborn, Janesville

2.      Brad Osborn, Janesville

3.      Randy Coghlan, Toddville

4.      Jim Ross, Cedar Rapids

5.      Johnny Spaw, Cedar Rapids (SEASON CHAMPION)

6.      Dudley Fleck, Cedar Rapids

7.      Mike Ehde, Prairie Du Chien, WI

8.      Jeff King, Cedar Rapids

9.      JJ Meyer, Cedar Rapids

10.  Scott Delsing, Cedar Rapids

11.  Lorin Kurth, Waukon

12.  Chris Sevey, Waterloo

13.  Matt Lundberg, Des Moines


Budweiser Late Model Sportsmen

FEATURE (25 laps)

1.      Scott Wennermark. Cedar Rapids

2.      John Henecke, Hiawatha

3.      Johnny Mudd, Cedar Rapids (SEASON CHAMPION)

4.      Brian Franks, Central City

5.      Craig Bender, Cedar Rapids

6.      Mel Schappert, Cedar Rapids

7.      Kevin Korsmo, Atkins

8.      Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids

9.      Andy Duggan, Amrion

10.  Martin Ballard, Marengo

11.  Robb Keeney, Cedar Rapids

12.  Lyle Williams, Center Point


Barron Motor Supply Super Stocks

FEATURE (30 laps)

1.      Kevin Franks, Cedar Rapids

2.      Chad Siems, Mt. Auburn

3.      Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids

4.      Jayson Scott, Cedar Rapids

5.      Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids (SEASON CHAMPION)

6.      Paul Walder, Cedar Rapids

7.      David McCalla, Cedar Rapids

8.      Jeff Franks, Rowley

9.      Arnie Reif, Hiawatha

10.  Paul Nagle, Nevada

11.  Scott Grady, Walker

12.  Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha

13.  Kurt Bohnsack, Iowa City

14.  Cory Houdek, Anamosa

15.  John Ness, Cedar Rapids

16.  Roland Bohnsack, Clutier

17.  Aric Becker, Cedar Rapids

18.  Wendy Carnahan, Cedar Rapids

19.  Randy Filling, Toddville

20.  Matt Lacourisere, Cedar Rapids

21.  Sonny Parker, Cedar Rapids

22.  Brenda Thomsen, Cedar Rapids




1.      Jodi Cranston, Cedar Rapids

2.      Deb Mefford, Marion

3.      Jessica Hoffman, Atkins

4.      Gwen Christensen-Jones (SEASON CHAMPION)

5.      Lori Scott, Vinton

6.      Kandi Floyd, Cedar Rapids

7.      Candice Jarrett, Cedar Rapids



FEATURE (30laps)

1.      Landon Cassill, Fairfax

2.      Shawn Stinger, Palo

3.      Max Corporon, Marion

4.      Larry Clausen, Cedar Rapids

5.      Rodney Rocarek, Mt. Vernon

6.      Bob Gase, Cedar Rapids (SEASON CHAMPION)

7.      Jim Williams, Atkins

8.      Chad Willett, Cedar Rapids

9.      Tim Plummer, Norway

10.  Brian Allen, Hiawatha

11.  Arlo Becker, Atkins

12.  John Baker, Cedar Rapids

13.  Ron Hoffman, Atkins

14.  Steve Lindell, Marion

15.  Aric Becker, Cedar Rapids

16.  Darrell Long, Cedar Rapids

17.  Jerry Keeney, Cedar Raapids

18.  Kyle Hinrichs, Swisher




1.      Landon Cassill, Fairfax (SEASON CHAMPION)

2.      Ross Zumbach, Racine, MN

3.      Keith Meyer, Cedar Rapids

4.      Mark Hauder, Dubuque






1.      Scott Strauss, Cedar Rapids

2.      Ed O’Brien, Cedar Rapids

3.      Bryce Mitchell, Cedar Rapids (SEASON CHAMPION)

4.      Dan Thompson, Cedar Rapids

5.      Steve Snyder, Cedar Rapids

6.      Dave Gleason, Cedar Rapids

7.      Brandon Herb, Marion

8.      Mike Desotel, Cedar Rapids

9.      Derrick Griesehop, Mt. Vernon

10.  Ron Dighton, Cedar Rapids

11.  Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids

12.  Dean Michel, Cedar Rapids

13.  Robby Yanda, Cedar Rapids

14.  Tim Kemmerer, Fairfax

15.  Kristopher Jones, Cedar Rapids

16.  Aaron Meyer, Cedar Rapids

17.  Chad Vozenilek, Fairfax

18.  Bill Koepke.