By Brad Grupe


(Cedar Rapids, IA)óBrad Dvorak took top honors in a special 50 lap Barron Motor Supply Super Stocks feature at Hawkeye Downs on Saturday night. The event was run in conjunction with the Barron Motor Supply 100for the ASA Late Model Series presented by KHAK/KRNA. Results of that race are contained in a separate story from ASA.


††††††††††† Dvorak, who won a track championship in 2002, started 15th on the grid and then methodically picked his way to the front passing leader Dave McCalla on lap 42 of the scheduled 50. The win was the second of the season for Dvorak.


††††††††††† In Coca-Cola Victory Lane credited his team for giving him a strong car and noted how good of a car they gave him since he was able to pass on both the outside and inside of the quarter-mile.


††††††††††† Finishing behind Dvorak were McCalla, Randy Filling, Kurt Bohnsack, and Doug Simon.


††††††††††† Brian Allen of Hiawatha picked up his third Miller Time Modified win of the 2004 campaign on Saturday night after taking the lead on lap 2 of the scheduled 25. Allen saw a huge lead erased with just two laps to go but picked up where he left off on the restart to secure the win.


††††††††††† Chasing Allen to the Lint Milwright start-finish line were Kyle Hinrichs, Rodney Rocarek, and point leader Tim Plummer.


††††††††††† Scott Wennermark earned another piece of hardware for his mantle on Saturday night, picking up win number 9 of the season in the Budweiser Late Model Sportsmen. The win was also the sixth win in a row for Wennermark who has been unstoppable for most of the season.


††††††††††† Wennermark started in tenth and worked his way through the field before driving around Andy Duggan to take the point.


††††††††††† Defending champ Johnny Mudd posted his best win of the season finishing .645 seconds behind Wennermark, according to Alliant Energy Timing and Scoring. Duggan crossed the stripe in third with Brian Allen and John Henecke rounding out the top of the order.


††††††††††† The IMCA Hobby Stocks were also in action on Saturday night running a fifteen lap feature to cap off the program. Scott Strauss recorded an impressive win over Chad Vozenilek, taking the lead after an early caution. Scott Siems finished in third. Steve Snyder ran fourth after running in second for a few laps earlier in the race. The top of the order was filled out with Jeff Selfridge running in fifth.



1. Brad Dvorak, Cedar Rapids; 2.Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids; 3. Randy Filling, Toddville; 4. Kurt Bohnsack, Iowa City; 5. Doug Simon, Marion; 6. Jayson Scott, Cedar Rapids; 7. Kevin Franks, Cedar Rapids; 8. Logan Hale, Cedar Rapids; 9. Paul Walder, Cedar Rapids; 10. Matt Greiner, Washington; 11. Cory Houidek, Anamosa; 12. Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha; 13. Chad Siems, Mt. Auburn; 14. Wendy Carnahan, Cedar Rapids; 15. Sonny Parker, Cedar Rapids; 16. Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 17. Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids; 18. Tom Greiner, Washington.



1. Brian Allen, Hiawatha; 2. Kyle Hinrichs, Swisher; 3. Rodney Rocarek, Mt. Vernon; 4. Tim Plummer, Norway; 5. Chad Willet, Cedar Rapids; 6. Larry Clausen, Cedar Rapids; 7. Bob Gase, Cedar Rapids; 8. Aric Becker, Cedar Rapids; 9. Jody Lana, Cedar Rapids; 10. Steve Lindell, Marion; 11. Darrell Long, Cedar Rapids



1. Scott Wennermark, Cedar Rapids; 2. Johnny Mudd, Cedar Rapids; 3. Andy Duggan, Marion; 4. Brian Franks, Central City; 5. John Henecke, Hiawatha; 6. Craig Bender, Cedar Rapids; 7. MelSchappert, Cedar Rapids; 8. Randy Coghlan, Toddville; 9. Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids; 10. Rob Keeney, Cedar Rapids; 11. Jeff Brass, Ackley; 12. Chris Sevey, Waterloo; 13. Martin Ballard, Marengo



1. Scott Strauss, Cedar Rapids; 2. Chad Vozenilek, Fairfax; 3. Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids; 4. Steve Snyder, Cedar Rapids; 5. Jeff Selfridge, Marion; 6. Brandon Herb, Marion; 7. Matt Poduska, Center Point; 8. Dave Gleason, Atkins; 9. Terry Shaffar, State Center; 10. Perry Thomsen, Cedar Rapids; 11. Ron Dighton, Cedar Rapids; 12. Bryce Mitchell, Cedar Rapids; 13. Roland Bohnsack, Clutier; 14. Curtis Glover; 15. Adam Hagen; 16. Matt Lacousierre, Cedar Rapids; 17. Deb Mefford, Marion; 18. Mark Hauder, Dubuque; 19. Mike Desotel, Cedar Rapids; DNS- Tim Kemmerer, Griffin McGrath