By Brad Grupe

PHOTOS: Jim Wittke- Touch of Class/Speedway Souvenir

(Cedar Rapids, IA 08/19/11)—Coca-Cola presented six divisions of racing in the Papa Johns Cup/I-Wireless Championship Series at Cedar Rapids’ Hawkeye Downs Speedway. The Performance Concepts Late Models and Budweiser Modifieds also ran make-up feature giving fans eight features of racing action.



Matt Petrzelka found victory lane once again in the Barron Motor Supply Hobby Stock feature, after using an outside-inside move to wrestle the win from Jeremy Robbins. Petrzelka started challenging Robbins for the point on Lap four but Robbins maintained a tight inside line forcing Petrzelka to use the outside lane. On lap twelve Petrzelka dived in turn three, Robbins drifted up a bit and that left the inside open for Petrzelka to take command.

Robbins finished second while Roland Bohnsack was third.

HEAT- 1. Matt Petrzelka, Norway; 2.Jeremy Robbins, Swisher; 3.Roland Bohnsack, Clutier; 4.Kandi Floyd, Cedar Rapids; 5.Jacob Floyd, Cedar Rapids; -6.Brad Chandler, Cedar Rapids

FEATURE (15 laps) 1. Petrzelka 2.Robbins 3.Bohnsack 4.Kandi Floyd 5.Jeremy Floyd DNS- Chandler





In Budweiser Sportsman,  Al Jarvis started on point and maintained the lead for the first lap  and a half before sliding a bit sending Craig Stepanek to the lead with Cory Houdek chasing in second. At the halfway point the fastest car on the track was Ben Glascock who was using the high line to move through the field. With a couple cautions slowing the action the field remained tight while Glascock continued to advance through the pack. He took second away from Cory Houdek on lap thirteen and the pack closed up again after another caution. Stepanek was able to hold off Glascock over the final laps to secure his second straight win.

HEAT- 1.Al Jarvis, Center Point; 2.Craig Stepanek, Cedar Rapids; 3.Cory Houdek, Marion; 4.Ben Glascock, Indianola; 5.Dave Ballstaedt, Marion; 6.Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha

FEATURE (20 laps) 1. Stepanek 2.Glascock 3.Houdek 4.Ballstaedt 5.Hentrich 6.Jarvis





Dennis Diercks posted his first McGrath Powersports INEX Legends feature win after holding off his brother Al Diercks and point leader Matt Blake. Blake recovered from an earlier trip to the rear after he and Michael Weber touched, sending them both spinning on lap thirteen. Jason Beauregard was fourth and Brogan Fiala crossed the stripe in fifth.

HEAT 1- 1. Brogan Fiala, Fairfax 2.Matt Blake, Cedar Rapids; 3.Gary Dyer, Bettendorf; 4.Bryce Bailey, Cedar Rapids; 5.Caleb Adrian, Davenport

HEAT 2- 1.Dennis Diercks, Davenport; 2.Jason Beauregard, Cedar Rapids; 3.Michael Weber, Ryan; 4.Al Diercks, Davenport

FEATURE (25 laps) 1.Dennis Diercks 2.Al Diercks 3.Blake 4.Fiala 5.Beauregard 6.Bailey 7.Dyer 8.Adrian 9.Weber




After a bad feature last week, Brad Chandler started the Sunline Hornets feature on the pole and that was all he needed to score the easy victory over his brother Dallas in the 20-lap feature. Derek Parrott recovered from an apparent transmission problem to finish third after dropping back when his car wouldn’t stay in gear earlier. Todd Ness was fourth and Casey Bilden scored fifth.





INNOVATIVE SIGNS TROPHY DASH- 1.Jamie Witham, Cedar Rapids;  2.Dakota Dains, Marion; 3.Aaron Jarvis, Center Point; 4.Shane Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 5.Prestin Witham, Cedar Rapids

HEAT 1-1.Brad Chandler, Cedar Rapids; 2.Todd Ness, Cedar Rapids; 3.Merv Chandler, Cedar Rapids; 4.Parker Anderson, Marion; 5.John Ness, Cedar Rapids; 6.Jeff Dvorak, Lisbon; 7.Shane Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 8.Bryce Bailey, Cedar Rapids; 9.Prestin Witham, Cedar Rapids

HEAT 2-1.Casey Bilden, Cedar Rapids; 2.Derek Parrott, Marion; 3.Dallas Chandler, Cedar Rapids; 4.Jamie Witham, Cedar Rapids; 5.Jose DeJesus, Cedar Rapids; 6.Dakota Dains, Marion; 7.Aaron Jarvis, Center Point; 8.Kevin Bailey, Cedar Rapids; DNS-Dan Hartman, Cedar Rapids

FEATURE (20 laps) 1.Brad Chandler 2.Dallas Chandler 3.Parrott 4.Todd Ness 5.Bilden 6.Bryce Bailey 7.Jamie Witham 8.John Ness 9.Jarvis 10.Anderson 11. Kevin Bailey 12. Dvorak 13.Hanson 14.Hartman 15.Prestin Witham 16.Merv Chandler 17. Dains 18.DeJesus





Tim Plummer racked up his sixth feature win of 2011 in the Budweiser Modifieds make-up feature from July 22. Mike Schulte led the first three trips around the half-mile before Plummer took advantage of a slip and dived into the lead. Brian Gibson, Schulte, Ryan Luedtke, and John Spaw filled out the top of the order.


In the second Budweiser Modified feature of the evening, Ryan Luedtke started up front and stayed there the entire race with Mike Schulte chasing in the second spot. John Spaw finished third and a pair of drivers that were involved in a lap two incident rallied to finish fourth and fifth.  Brian Gibson and Tim Plummer touched heading into turn one on lap two sending Plummer backwards into the foam cushion in turn one. Plummer fuinished fourth and Gibson was fifth.

JULY 22 MAKE-UP FEATURE- 1.Tim Plummer, Cedar Rapids; 2.Brian Gibson, Walford; 3.Mike Schulte, Norway; 4.Ryan Luedtke, Norway 5.John Spaw, Cedar Rapids; 6.Craig Bender, Cedar Rapids; 7.Jason Beauregard, Cedar Rapids; 8.Steve Lindell, Marion; 9.James Dixon, Cedar Rapids

AUGUST 19 FEATURE- 1.Luedtke 2.schulte 3.Spaw 4.Plummer 5.Gibson 6.Bender 7.Beauregard 8.Lindell 9.Dixon




Seventeen Performance Concepts Late Models signed in for double features Friday night but not all the drivers made it to the second feature after a rough outing in the first feature.


The first feature, which was checkered-flagged early after too many cautions, saw Brad Osborn lead virtually the entire race which was relatively uneventful until lap 22 when a series of cautions slowed the action and required a couple lengthy cleanups.  Officials waved the checkered flag five laps early when a lap 25 incident brought out the sixth caution of the race.

Osborn scored the victory with Tim Plummer, Chad Siems, Griffin McGrath, and Thor Anderson running in the top five.


The second Performance Concepts Late Model feature was significantly calmer with Andy Edwards leading early. Thor Anderson appeared to be the fastest car on the track all night and he proved that by taking the point on lap fifteen of the scheduled twenty-five. Edwards maintained second while Joey Gase was third, Brad Osborn was fourth, and Griffin McGrath was fifth.

JULY 22 MAKE-UP FEATURE- 1. Brad Osborn, Janesville 2.Tim Plummer, Cedar Rapids; 3.Chad Siems, Shellsburg; 4.Griffin McGrath, Cedar Rapids; 5.Thor Anderson, Bonduraunt; 6.Jay Jaspers, Steamboat Rock; 7.Curt Tillman, Rockford, IL; 8.Andy Edwards, New Hartford; 9.Joey Gase, Cedar Rapids; 10.Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids; 11.Grant Sharp, Conway, MO; 12.Mason Mitchell, West Des Moines; 13.Travis Thompson, Cedar Rapids; 14.Kyle Hinrichs, Swisher; 15.Brian Allen, Cedar Rapids; 16. Justin Jennings, LaGrange, MO; 17.Darrell Long, Cedar Rapids

AUGUST 19 FEATURE- 1. Anderson 2.Edwards 3.Gase 4.Osborn 5.McGrath 6.Plummer 7.Hinrichs 8.Jaspers 9.John Spaw, Cedar Rapids; 10.Tillman 11.Allen 12. Chad Siems 13.Sharp 14.Scott Siems 15.Long DNS- Mitchell, Jennings


The 2011 regular racing season concludes next Friday Night with Barron Motor Supply Season Championships.