(Cedar Rapids, IA  8/12/05)—The list of names of drivers who have won features at Hawkeye Downs in 2005 continued to grow Friday night as a couple more names joined the list.


                Veteran Miller Time IMCA Modified pilot Arlo Becker raced up his 5th win of the season Friday night, holding off point leader Tim Plummer for the win. Becker started the thirty lap feature in the eighth row and nabbed the lead on lap five after an earlier caution scrambled the running order.


                Becker held off  repeated charges from Plummer over the last ten laps of the race eventually crossing the Lint Millwright Finish Line .171 seconds ahead of Plummer, according to Alliant Energy Transponder Timing and Scoring.


                Chad Willett turned in another strong performance finishing in third. He was followed by Scott Grady and Jim Hanson.


                In action on the quarter-mile, featuring the Full Throttle Energy Drink Stars of Tomorrow, Nathan Ballard was awarded the win in the Hornets after technical inspections jumbled the finishing order. The win was Ballard’s fifth of the season.  Finishing second was Connie Binder with Creston Williams scoring third. The balance of the top five was Brian Bries and Dan Vincent.  Current point leader Rick Gallo was not in the field Friday night.


                Jeremy Meyer, who shares a car with his brother Aaron, raced to his first win of the season in the Barron Motor Supply IMCA Hobby Stocks. Meyer took the lead on a restart from an early caution and then held off Ron Dighton and point leader Brandon Herb for the win which saw all three cars crossing the line within inches of one another. Finishing behind Dighton and Herb were Rodney Grother and Tim Dains.


                The Barron Motor Supply IMCA Stock Car feature saw Chris Wessner pick up his first win in the division as he raced to the stripe ahead of Cory Houdek and Chad Siems in the 20 lap race. Wessner saw a sizable lead evaporate when caution bunched the field with just a couple laps remaining but he charged to the checkers when racing resumed.   Bob Ahrendsen finished fourth and Kurt Bohnsack was fifth.


                Former Budweiser Sportsmen track champ Curt VanDerWal made his first appearance of the season on Friday night, racing a car to victory that is normally driven by Gene Peterson. VanDerWal made steady progress through the pack after starting at the tail of the field and took the lead with four laps remaining after a caution for debris. Kevin Franks took second followed by Martin Ballard, Dave McCalla, and Andy Duggan.


                The second Budweiser Sportsmen feature saw point leader Kevin Korsmo take an early lead which he never relinquished. Korsmo picked up his eighth win of the season as he crossed the flagstand ahead of Dave McCalla, Martin Ballard, Curt VanDerWal, and Kevin Franks. The race was slowed by a couple cautions but Korsmo answered the call on each restart, posting a .257 margin of victory over McCalla.


                In other Papa Johns Cup Iowa Wireless action, Denny Osborn and Kyle Hinrichs each won features in the Performance Concepts Late Model division.


                The first of the two features saw a wild first lap as Jeff King, JJ Meyer, and Osborn charged three-wide into turn one. Osborn emerged as the car to beat and then held off Scott Wennermark and Dudley Fleck to take his second win of the season. Osborn currently rides second in points behind his son, Brad who finished fourth in this race. Kyle Hinrichs was fifth.


                The second Late Model feature saw Kyle Hinrichs bolt into the lead at the drop of the green and he increased his margin over the course of the race amassing a 2.729 second cushion over the second place car of Dudley Fleck. Scott Wennermark posted a third-place finish with Denny Osborn fourth and Jim Ross fifth.


                Racing action resumes this Friday night with all six division in action




Feature #1 (20 laps)

  1. Denny Osborn, Janesville; 2. Scott Wennermark, Ely; 3. Dudley Fleck, Cedar Rapids; 4. Brad Osborn, Janesville; 5. Kyle Hinrichs, Swisher; 6. Jeff King, Cedar Rapids; 7. Jim Ross, Cedar Rapids; 8. JJ Meyer, Cedar Rapids; 9. Lyle Williams, Center Point; 10. Chris Sevey, Waterloo


Feature #2 (20 laps)

  1. Hinrichs 2. Fleck 3. Wennermark  4. Denny Osborn  5. Ross  6. Brad Osborn  7. Meyer  8. King  9. Williams DNS-Sevey



Feature #1 (20 laps)

  1. Curt VanDerWal, Oskaloosa; 2. Kevin Franks, Cedar Rapids; 3. Martin Ballard, Marengo; 4. Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids; 5. Andy Diggan, Marion; 6. Kevin Korsmo, Atkins; 7. Brian Franks, Central City; 8. Mel Schappert, Cedar Rapids; 9. Michael Annett, Des Moines; 10. Mark Hauder, Dubuque  DNS-Craig Bender, Cedar Rapids


Feature #2 (20 laps)

  1. Korsmo  2. McCalla  3. Ballard  4. VanDerWal  5. K. Franks  6. Schappert  7. Duggan  8. B. Franks  9. Annett  10. Hauder  DNS- Bender



Feature  (30 laps)

  1. Arlo Becker, Norway; 2. Tim Plummer, Norway; 3. Chad Willett, Cedar Rapids; 4. Scott Grady, Cedar Rapids; 5. Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 6. Bob Gase, Cedar Rapids; 7. Shawn Stinger, Palo; 8. Keith Siefken, Cedar Rapids; 9. Aric Becker, Cedar Rapids; 10. Rodney Rocarek, Mt. Vernon; 11. Griffin McGrath, Cedar Rapids; 12. Darrell Long, Cedar Rapids; 13. Scott Strauss, Cedar Rapids; 14. Pat Flannagan, Cedar Rapids; DNS- Jody Lana, Cedar Rapids



Feature ( 20 laps)

  1. Chris Wessner, Quasqueton; 2. Cory Houdek, Marion; 3. Chad Siems, Marion; 4. Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids; 5. Kurt Bohnsack, Iowa City; 6. Brad Dvorak, Cedar Rapids; 7. Randy Filling, Toddville, 8. Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha; 9. Brian Dvorak, Mt. Vernon; 10. Wendy Carnahan, Cedar Rapids; 11. Doug Simon, Marion; 12. Logan Hale, Cedar Rapids; 13. Dennis Hundley, Cedar Rapids



Feature (15 laps)

  1. Jeremy Meyer, Cedar Rapids; 2. Ron Dighton, Cedar Rapids; 3. Brandon Herb, Marion; 4. Rodney Grother, Cedar Rapids; 5. Tim Dains, Cedar Rapids; 6. Chad Vozenilek, Fairfax; 7. Deb Mefford, Cedar Rapids; 8. Terry Shaffar, State Center; 9. Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids; 10. Kandi Floyd, Cedar Rapids; 11. Matt Lacoursiere, Cedar Rapids; 12. Perry Thomsen, Cedar Rapids; 13. Tim Hill, Cedar Rapids; DNS- Jason Hetzler, Muscatine



Feature ( 12 laps)

1. Nathan Ballard, Marengo; 2. Connie Binder, Clutier; 3. Creston Williams, Atkins; 4. Brian Bries, Norway; 5. Dan Vincent, Solon; 6. Jeff Ballard, Marengo; 7. Derrick Beadle, Hiawatha