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By Brad Grupe


(Cedar Rapids, IA  072101)—Peter Hernandez of Mokena, IL has Hawkeye Downs number, so to speak. He scored his second straight win in as many appearances at Hawkeye Downs Speedway Saturday night July 21.


            The McLeodUSA Mid-American Stock Cars and their sister series, the McLeodUSA Mid-American Super Trucks were both in action on the Cedar Rapids half-mile Saturday night running combined heats, separate features, and a special Trucks vs. Stock Cars “rumble.”


            Twenty-two Mid-American Stock Cars took the green flag for their thirty-lap feature with Jamie Dorsey of Rockford, IL on the pole. Jimmy Becker of Burlington, IL quickly mounted a challenge for the top spot and as the first two cars touched on the front stretch during the third lap George Schulz of Park City, IL slipped into the lead.


            Schultz, an off- road racer with limited pavement experience, began to stretch his lead while the battle for the other top slots went on behind him. Caution bunched the field at the halfway point. On the restart, the car of Peter Hernandez started a march toward the front running in 4th with 14 laps to go and up to 3rd on the following lap.


            Hernandez moved into second with ten laps to go and began to cut into the lead of Schultz as the laps ticked off. With five laps to go Schultz’s margin was down to two car lengths and one lap later Hernandez was glued to the rear of Schultz’s car. Hernandez made his move on the outside with just one lap to go and pulled alongside in turn two of the final lap.


            Schultz bobbled a bit exiting the second turn, which gave Hernandez a clear shot at the lead and sealed the win for the Mokena, IL driver.  Schultz maintained second with Becker finishing third, Bill Prietzel fourth and Warren Doranki fifth.


The McLeodUSA Mid-American Super Trucks made their second visit of the season to Cedar Rapids Saturday night July 21 with over twenty trucks on hand to battle the Hawkeye Downs half-mile. Cedar Rapids is the corporate headquarters of series sponsor McLeodUSA.



            Gary Fredrickson of Lakeville, MN grabbed the early lead in the thirty lap feature for the Mid-Am Super Trucks with Gordy Swanson quickly moving in to challenge for the top spot. The two touched in turn two on the fourth lap and were both able to maintain control but not before Darren Wolke slipped into the  lead.


            Jamie Farrell and Bill Prietzel quickly joined in the fray with Prietzel advancing to second with just eight laps scored. Prietzel, of Franklin, WI, took command of the race on the 13th lap but he had a mirror full of action behind him.


            The trucks of Swanson,  Jamie Farrell and Art Christofferesen waged a furious battle for third with positions changing in every corner for several laps before Farrell seized control of the spot.


            The field bunched again with nine laps to go as the caution flag waved for a spin. Prietzel again began to stretch out the lead on the restart as Art Christoffersen, who won the Spring race at Hawkeye Downs, mounted a challenge for third. Christoffersen, theCEO of McleodUSA Publishing, slipped into third with four laps to go and then moved in on the second place truck of Wolke.  Christoffersen  made a charge for the second spot on the last lap but Wolke prevailed by the width of the front bumper as Prietzel collected the win.


            Gordy Swanson finished in fourth with Jason Hicks of Lake Geneva, WI rounding out the top five.


Peter Hernandez scored his second victory of the evening by winning a special 25-lap “rumble” pitting Mid-American Stock Cars against Mid-American Super Trucks at Hawkeye Downs Speedway on Saturday night.


            The unique format including the stock cars and trucks running combined heats and separate 30-lap features. The top eight finishers from each race were then put in the “Mid-AM Stock Cars vs. Mid-Am Super Tucks Rumble.”


            Warren Doranski held the early advantage in a stock car before the truck of Jason Hicks took command just five laps into the race. The cars of James Swan and Peter Hernandez as well as the trucks of Bill Prietzel and Art Christoffersen made their stale early also as cars and trucks swapped positions throughout the field.


            With fifteen laps to go Peter Hernandez had slid into second with Bill Prietzel piloting his truck into third. With ten laps to go the front four ran nose to tail and with seven laps remaining Hernandez made a move to the inside of Jason Hicks. Hernandez scored the lead with six laps to go with Hicks, Swan, Prietzel and Christoffersen right behind.


            After another caution Hernandez pulled away while Swan zipped around Hicks into second. The rest of the top five remained the same as the field took the checkered flag.


            The Hawkeye Downs Two-Driver Cruisers, Barron Motor Supply Thunderstocks and Coca-Cola Women On Wheels were also in action on Hawkeye Labor Council Night.


US Senator Tom Harkin waved the green flag to start the Two driver Cruiser feature. The race was a crash marred contest of endurance which saw officials reverse the direction the drivers were running with eight laps to go. Whe all the smoke, tires, and car parts were cleared the tandem of Ken Perry and Darin O’Brien collected thew win. Daryl and Scott Jones were second with Brian Dvorak and Matt Poduska finsiehd third.


            Mike Walsh of Cedar Rapids dominated the first of two Barron Motor Supply Thunder Stock features winning handily over Mike Desotel.  Walsh started deep in the field and quickly worked his way to the front.  Ron Dighton finished in third with Marty Sea fourth and Chip Kohl fifth.


            The second feature in the Thunderstocks went to Shawn Carnahan after the original winner didn’t pass tech. Carnahan started in row three and was followed across the stripe by Scott Strauss and Daryl Jones. Chad Vozenilek posted a fourth place finish and Jeremy Meyer was fifth.


            Sandra Sheldon posted a wire-to wire win in the Coca Cola Women On Wheels division. Sheldon started on the pole and never faced a serious challenge from the second place car of Gwen Christensen. Deb Mefford finished in third with Linn Hite fourth and Dana Scott fifth.



1.       Peter Hernandez, Mokena, IL  (car)

  1. James Swan, Lake Geneva, WI  (car)
  2. Jason Hicks, Lake Geneva, WI (truck)
  3. Bill Prietzel, Franklin, WI (truck)
  4. Art Christoffersen, Toddville, IA  (truck)
  5. Bobby Gutknecht, Oak Creek, WI  (car)
  6. Jimmy Becker, Burlington, IL (car)
  7. Warren Doranski, Alsip, IL (car)
  8. Josh Bauer, Randon Lake, WI (car)
  9. Dennis Krumrie, Glenwood, IL (car)
  10. Vince Wilkinson, Sanwich, IL (truck)
  11. Jamie Farrell, New Prague, MN (truck)
  12. Jeff Steenbergen, Waupun, WI (truck)
  13. Darren Wolke, Belle Plaine, WI (truck)
  14. Gordy Swanson, Apple Valley, MN (truck)
  15. George Schultz, Park City, IL (car)








STOCK CAR SERIES (Feature 30laps)

  1. Peter Hernandez, Mokna, IL
  2. George Schultz, Park City, IL
  3. Jimmy Becker, Burlington, IL
  4. Bill Prietzel, Franklin, WI
  5. Warren Doranski, Alsip, IL
  6. DennisKrumrie, Glenwood, IL
  7. James Swan, Lake Geneva, WI
  8. Bobby Gutknecht, Oak Creek, WI
  9. Josh Bauer, Randon Lake, WI
  10. John Henecke, Hiawatha, IA
  11. Kevin Lee, Homestead, IA
  12. Brandon Blashe, Little Chute, WI
  13. Jim Thorson, Sugar Grove, IL
  14. Brandon Norris, Somonauk, IL
  15. Scott Null, Lake Mills, WI
  16. Jamie Dorsey, Rockford, IL
  17. Brian Franks, Central City, IA
  18. Dan Zamastil, Fairfax, IA
  19. Monty Coffman, Barrington, IL
  20. Michael Anderson, Sheboygan, WI
  21. Ron Brewe, Kaukuna, WI
  22. Bruce Scheff, Swisher, IA



  1. Bill Prietzel, Franklin, WI
  2. Darren Wolke, Belle Plaine, MN
  3. Art Christoffersen, Toddville, IA
  4. Gordy Swanson, Apple Valley, MN
  5. Jason Hicks, Lake Geneva, WI
  6. Jamie Farrell, New Prague, MN
  7. Vince Wilkonson, Sandwich, IL
  8. Jeff Steenbergen, Waupun, WI
  9. Gary Fredrickson, Lakeville, MN
  10. Mark Eberhart, Ripon, WI
  11. John Vig, Shakopee, MN
  12. Dave Coghlan, Marion, IA
  13. Al Brace, Wausau, WI
  14. Mark Anderson, Minnetonka, MN
  15. Kim Hedberg, Farmington, MN
  16. Ron Polanda, Bolivar, MO
  17. Mike Schmitz, Northfield, MN
  18. Zack Hedberg, Farmington, MN
  19. Jerry Seibel, Campbellsport, WI
  20. Andy Jirik, Lonsdale, MN  (DNS)
  21. Mike Martindale, Machesney Park, IL  (DNS)



FEATURE #1 (20 laps)

  1. Mike Walsh, Cedar Rapids
  2. Mike DeSotel, Cedar Rapids
  3. Ron Dighton, Cedar Rapids
  4. Marty Sea, North Liberty
  5. Chip Kohl, Marion
  6. John McDaniel, Cedar Rapids
  7. Crystal Griseshop, Mt. Vernon
  8. Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha
  9. Steve Snyder, Cedar Rapids
  10. Ron Jarrett, Atkins
  11. Fred Mains, Cedar Rapids
  12. Cory Houdek, Anamosa
  13. Dan Thompson, Cedar Rapids
  14. Bobby Grandstaff, Carlisle
  15. Mike Corpman, Cedar Rapids


FEATURE #2 (20 laps)

  1. Shawn Carhanhan, Cedar Rapids
  2. Scott Strauss, Cedar Rapids
  3. Darryl Jones, Cedar Rapids
  4. Chad Vozenilek, Cedar Rapids
  5. Jeremy Meyer, Cedar Rapids
  6. Lisa Dumond, Cedar Rapids
  7. James Sheldon, Cedar Rapids
  8. Dean Michel, Cedar Rapids
  9. Travis Doudney, Cedar Rapids
  10. Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids
  11. Franks Auen, Garrison
  12. Steve Myers, Cedar Rapids




  1. Sandra Sheldon, Cedar Rapids
  2. Gwen Christensen, Stanwood
  3. Deb Mefford, Cedar Rapids
  4. Linn Hite, Urbana
  5. Dana Scott, Cedar Rapids
  6. Jodi Cranston, Cedar Rapids
  7. Danielle Auen, Garrison
  8. Amber Wisted, Cedar rapids
  9. Wendy Carnahan, Cedar Rapids
  10. Jenn Harrington, Cedar Rapids
  11. Candace Jarrett, Atkins
  12. Amanda Oakley, Cedar Rapids




  1. Ken Perry/Darin O’Brien
  2. Darryl Jones/Scott Jones
  3. Brian Dvorak/Matt Poduska
  4. Scott Siems/Chris Shakespeare
  5. Steve Luedtke/Mike Carver
  6. Jim Anderson/Ed Gintert
  7. Shellie O’Brien/Jerry O’Brien
  8. Matt Jones/John Morgan
  9. Brad Daugherty/Brad Jordan
  10. Marty Klees/Eric Gintert
  11. Tim Kemmerer/Ed’Brien