(Cedar Rapids, IA  072001)—Marty Diercks of Bettendorf and Dave Naylor of Scotch Grove each scored wins in a pair of 50-lap features for the Aggregates Late Models at Hawkeye Downs Speedway on Friday night. The first feature was lined up by point average with the top 16 finishers from the first feature inverted for the second 50 lapper.


            Diercks started on the point and was never seriously challenged in the first feature which was slowed only once by the caution flag. Wade Prasil made an impressive showing, finishing 2nd after starting 13th. TJ Schaeffer pressured Prasil from his 11th starting slot for second in the closing laps but finished third.


            The second 50-lap feature was a caution filled affair with the heat and humidity clearly taking a toll on both cars and drivers.

            Dave Naylor picked up his second win of the 2001 campaign but had his hands full at times as Mike Ehde and TJ Schaeffer joined the battle for the lead. Naylor started 11th and thanks to some nifty driving and cars dropping out found himself in command with just 8 laps gone.  Schaefer found himself on Naylor’s bumper with about 15 laps remaining but eventually relinquished second  to Mike Ehde and settled for his second finish of the night in the third slot.


            By virtue of his two third place finishes Schaeffer became the overall winner in the McLeodUSA Late Model Triple Crown Series. The other two races in the series were the “Miller 100” and the “Aggregates 100” run earlier this season.


            In other ASA Racing/Hawk Performance/Papa Johns Cup Series action on Friday night, Larry Clausen of Atkins took top honors in the Miller Time Open Wheel Modified division. Clausen started in the third row and took command of the race near the mid-point.  Current point leader Mike Schulte finished second after starting 12th on the grid. Bob Gase of Cedar Rapids crossed the stripe in third.


            Brad Dvorak of Mount Vernon took the lead with less than ten laps to go and went on to win his third feature of the season in the Barron Motor Supply Super Stocks. Dvorak started in row five, drove his way to the front and passed Don Johnson with nine laps to go to score the win.  Johnson battled with Tink Willey early in the race and the pair ended up second and third.


            After a couple weeks away from Coca-Cola Victory Lane, BJ Goodin won yet another A-1 Performance Marine Legends feature. The Hiawatha driver jumped to the lead on a restart early in the race and was never challenged for the remainder of the race.  The best racing on the track was for second-fifth positions with several drivers involved in the fray. Bob Havlik emerged in second with Kevin Foreman posting a third place finish.


            The Budweiser Sportsmen were not on the card Friday night as several drivers were scheduled to compete in a McLeod USA Mid-American Stock Cars Series event at the track later in the weekend.

Hawkeye Downs Speedway-Cedar Rapids, IA

July 20, 2001

McLeodUSA Triple Crown Twin 50’s



FEATURE #1 (50 laps)

  1. Marty Diercks, Bettendorf
  2. Wade Prasil, Cedar Rapids
  3. TJ Schaefer, Solon
  4. Jeff King, Cedar Rapids
  5. Dave Naylor, Scotch Grove
  6. Curt Martin, Independence
  7. Brian Gibson, Walford
  8. Pete Alepra, Cedar Rapids
  9. Jim Ross, Cedar Rapids
  10. Tony Bagstad, Cashton, WI
  11. Scot Johnson, Ankeny
  12. Les Cady, Deer Grove, IL
  13. Kevin Korsmo, Atkins
  14. Brian Allen, Hiawatha
  15. Art Christoffersen, Robins
  16. Larry Kelley, Cedar Rapids
  17. Randy Coghlan, Toddville
  18. Doug Hite, Urbana
  19. Greg Kastli, Waterloo
  20. Mike Ehde, Prarie Du Chien, WI
  21. Dennis Gerst, Jesup


FEATURE #2 (50 laps)

  1. Dave Naylor, Scotch Grove
  2. Mike Ehde, Prarie Du Chien, WI
  3. TJ Schaefer, Solon
  4. Randy Coghlan, Toddville
  5. Jeff King, Cedar Rapids
  6. Greg Kastli, Waterloo
  7. Les Cady, Deer Grove, IL
  8. Jim Ross, Cedar Rapids
  9. Dennis Gerst, Jesup
  10. Pete Alepra, Cedar Rapids
  11. Doug Hite, Urbana
  12. Kevin Korsmo, Atkins
  13. Scot Johnson, Ankeny
  14. Curt Martin, Independence
  15. Brian Gibson, Walford
  16. Marty Diercks, Bettendorf
  17. Larry Kelley, Cedar Rapids
  18. Art Christofferesen, Robins
  19. Brian Allen, Hiawatha
  20. Wade Prasil, Cedar Rapids



FEATURE (25 laps)

  1. Larry Clausen, Atkins
  2. Mike Schulte, Norway
  3. Bob Gase, Cedar Rapids
  4. Scott Wennermark, Cedar Rapids
  5. Mike Thomas, Cedar Rapids
  6. John Troxel, Cedar Rapids
  7. Keith Gogel, Solon
  8. Jim Williams, Cedar Rapids
  9. David Novotny, Solon
  10. James Lamphier, Urbana
  11. Sonny Parker, Cedar Rapids
  12. Brian Allen, Hiawatha
  13. Don Long, Anamosa
  14. Beau Duffield, Cedar Rapids
  15. Trent Ross, Cedar Rapids



FEATURE (25 laps)

  1. BJ Goodin, Hiawatha
  2. Bob Havlik, Toddville
  3. Kevin Foreman, Cedar Rapids
  4. Tom Frady, Cedar Rapids
  5. Kyle Hinrichs, Swisher
  6. Lane Swearinger, Davenport
  7. Eric Appleget, Cedar Rapids
  8. Ken DeGood, Iowa City
  9. Mike Foreman, Cedar Rapids
  10. Dave Butler
  11. Larrie Solbrig, Cedar Rapids



FEATURE (25 laps)

  1. Brad Dvorak, Mt. Vernon
  2. Don Johnson, Cedar Rapids
  3. Tink Willey, Marion
  4. Aric Becker, Cedar Rapids
  5. Jeff Franks, Rowley
  6. Clint Houdek, Anamosa
  7. Jayson Scott,  Cedar Rapids
  8. Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids
  9. Derrick Griesehop, Mt. Vernon
  10. Kurt Bohnsack, Coralville
  11. John ness, Cedar Rapids
  12. Roger Merta, Cedar Rapids
  13. Ron Fisher, Shellsburg
  14. Ed O’Brien, Cedar Rapids
  15. Jerry Meyerhoff, Cedar Rapids
  16. Chad Siems, Mt. Auburn
  17. Randy Filling, Toddville
  18. Roland Bohnsack, Clutier
  19. Doug Simon, Cedar Rapids
  20. John Baker, Cedar Rapids
  21. Scott Grady, Walker
  22. Arnie Reif,  Hiawatha
  23. Perry Thomsen, Cedar Rapids
  24. Brian Helle, Cedar Rapids
  25. Walter Case, Cedar Rapids
  26. Merv Chandler, Cedar Rapids
  27. Vern Volesky, Norway