(Cedar Rapids, IA  07/19/2008)—Two divisions from the Papa Johns Championship Cup were part of the action at the 36th annual Keith Fleck Miller 100 at Hawkeye Downs Speedway on Friday night, July 18. The race, postponed from June 13  just as flooding hit the Cedar Rapids area, also featured the ASA Midwest Tour.


Larry Clausen of Cedar Rapids prevailed in the 25-lap Coors Light Modified feature after starting outside the first row. Clausen quickly shot into the lead at the drop of the green flag and  held off the charges of Arlo Becker in the early going.. Point leader Tim Plummer rode in third much of the race until he shot around Becker just after a restart with 5 laps to go. Becker maintained third as Mike Shulte and Tony Olson also finished in the top five.


The win also propelled Clausen into second place in the Coors Light point chase as he finished ahead of Tony Olson in the feature.


The Sunline Hornets ran another wild feature which included three and four-wide racing on the quarter-mile.  Nineteen cars took the green flag with Jeff Selfridge leading after the first lap. Caution waved after 5 laps tightening the filed back up while Selfridge maintained the lead just ahead of Nathan Chandler and Jonny Williams. Jim Hanson and Derek Parrott were also battling for position in the top five as the laps ticked off.


With three laps to go the leaders encountered lapped traffic which allowed Chandler to gain a position advantage and take the lead. Selfridge hung on for second with Parrott, Hanson and Williams crossing the stripe just behind Chandler. Hanson’s third place finish was enough for him to maintain the point lead in the Sunline Hornets.



HEAT 1-  Arlo Becker, Norway, IA; 2. Craig Bender, Cedar Rapids, IA; 3. Cory Houdek, Marion, IA; 4. Steve Lindell, Marion, IA; 5. Jim Williams, Atkins, IA; 6. Andy Huston, Rosevelt, IL; 7. Aric Becker, Cedar Rapids, IA

HEAT 2- Larry Clausen, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2. Tim Plummer, Norway, IA; 3. Mike Schulte, Norway, IA; 4. Ryan Luedtke, Norway, IA; 5. Danny Lehmkuhl, 6. Tony Olson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 7. Darrell Long, Cedar Rapids, IA

FEATURE (25 laps) 1. Clausen 2. Plummer 3.Arlo  Becker 4. Schulte 5. Olson  6. Houdek  7. Luedtke  8. Huston  9. Bender  10. Aric Becker  11. Williams  12. Lehmkuhl  13. Lindell  14. Long  (DNS)



HEAT 1-1.  Brad Burhite, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2. Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 3. Derek Parrott, Marion, IA; 4. Nathan Chandler, Cedar Rapids, IA; 5. Brad Chandler, Vinton, IA; 6. Bryce Bailey, Cedar Rapids, IA; 7. Jasen Freeman, Cedar Rapids, IA; 8. Dan Burhite, Cedar Rapids, IA; 9. Neil Nabholz, Waterloo, IA

HEAT 2- 1.  Shane Hanson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2. Jeff Selfridge, Marion, IA; 3. Jonny Williams, Atkins, IA; 4. Merv Chandler, Cedar Rapids, IA; 5. Greg Wilhelmi, Cedar Rapids, IA; 6.Josh Williams, Cedar Rapids, IA; 7. Chuck Hanson, Marion, IA; 8.Larry Wolfe, Cedar Rapids, IA; 9. Brogan Fiala, Fairfax, IA; 10. Jose Dejesus, Cedar Rapids, IA

FEATURE (20 laps) 1. Nathan Chandler  2. Selfridge  3. Parrott  4. Dan Burhite  5. Jonny Williams  6. Brad Burhite  7. Bailey  8. DeJesus  9. Wilhelmi  10. Merv Chandler  11. Chuck Hanson 12. Shane Hanson  13. Freemen  14. Fiala  15. Josh Williams  16. Dan Burhite  17. Nabholz  18. Wolfe  19. Brad Chandler