By Brad Grupe


(Cedar Rapids, IA  071301)—KHAK-FM presented the “2nd Annual KHAK Free Night At the Races” on Friday night and a crowd estimated at 8500 crammed and jammed their way into Hawkeye Downs to watch racing in six divisions plus a go-kart racing exhibition.


            The four regular divisions of the ASA Racing/Hawk Performance/Papa johns Cup Championship Series were in action along with the Barron Motor Supply Thunderstocks and the Coca-Cola Women On Wheels.


            Mike Ehde, Prarie Du Chien, WI; won the first of two “Powerade 25” features for Aggregates Late Models. Ehde, who started fifth, passed Jeff King on lap five to secure the lead and was never challenged for the balance of the race. The Wisconsin driver has been strong all season and currently sits third in the point standings, 57 point behind leader Curt Martin.  Dave Naylor posted another strong finish finishing second with Larry Kelley recording one of his strongest finishes of the season in finishing third.


            The second “Powerade 25” saw Jim Ross of Cedar Rapids edge out Dudley Fleck and point leader Curt Martin for the win. Ross emerged as the leader as he and Fleck battled through the first couple laps and stayed out front the rest of the way.  The trio raced nearly nose to tail at times but despite having lost power steering Ross was able to hold off Fleck and Martin. Ross dedicated the win to his late father, Ron “Boss” Ross in victory lane.


            Curt VanDerWal of Oskaloosa thoroughly dominated the Budweiser Sportsmen feature, showing why he is the current point leader in that division. VanDerWal snagged the lead with just six laps gone after starting in the second row. His point average over the past couple weeks put him higher up in the starting grid after suffering some problems in the last couple outings.


            Ross Kurth, who is a rookie in the Sportsmen division, finished a distant second but the Waukon driver posted his strongest performance of the season with that finish. Andy Duggan was scored third after the on-track third place finisher didn’t pass technical inspection.


            Mike Schulte continued his winning ways in the Miller Time Open Wheel Modifieds but he didn’t take the point until there were just three laps of the twenty-five lapper remaining. Schulte and Larry Clausen raced side-by-side for several laps before Schulte finally got the lead for good. Scott Wennermark finished third after starting in the third row, The three top finishers are also at the top of the point standing for the division with Schulte currently holding a 51 point cushion over Clausen.


            The Barron Motor Supply Super Stock feature was won in dominating fashion by Cedar Rapids driver Aric Becker. He took the lead on lap 8 and avoided a series of incidents throughout the race to secure the win. Becker, who started in row two, finished ahead of Kurt Bohnsack of Coralville. Bob Ahrendsen, who competes in this division as well as Sportsmen, finished in third.


            The Barron Motor Supply Thunderstocks were also in action running a pair of 20-lap features. Atkins’ Ron Jarrett won the first race, with Kevin Sanborn chasing him the entire way. The best battle on the track was for third with Chad Vozenilek edging out Bobby Grandstaff for the spot.


            The second Thunderstock feature went to Jeff Selfridge of Marion. Selfridge wrestled the lead from Steve Snyder on lap five, held off a later challenge from Snyder and then outran Mike Walsh for the win. Walsh finished second with Frank Auen crossing the stripe in third.


            Deb Mefford held off a hard-charging Gwen Christensen to secure her second win in a row in the Coca-Cola Women on Wheels feature event. Christensen pulled up on Mefford’s bumper several times during the 20 lap race and came up a bit short in a last ditch effort to take the lead on the final lap. Sandra Sheldon finished third.

Hawkeye Downs Speedway-Cedar Rapids, IA

Results for 071301


Feature #1
  1. Mike Ehde, Prarie Du Chien, WI
  2. Dave Naylor, Scotch Grove
  3. Larry Kelley, Cedar Rapids
  4. Wade Prasil, Cedar Rapids
  5. Jeff King, Cedar Rapids
  6. Art Christoffersen, Robins
  7. Greg Kastli, Waterloo
  8. TJ Schaefer, Solon
  9. Curt Martin, Independence
  10. Pete Alepra, Cedar Rapids
  11. Dudley Fleck, Cedar Rapids
  12. Jim Ross, Cedar Rapids
  13. Kevin Korsmo, Atkins
  14. Doug Hite, Urbana
  15. Les Cady, Deer Grove, IL
  16. Scot Johnson, Ankeny
  17. Brian Allen, Hiawatha
  18. Lorin Kurth, Waukon
  19. Brian Gibson, Walford
  20. Randy Coghlan, Toddville


Feature #2

  1. Jim Ross, Cedar Rapids
  2. Dudley Fleck, Cedar Rapids
  3. Curt Martin, Independence
  4. Dave Naylor, Scotch Grove
  5. TJ Schaefer, Solon
  6. Greg Kastli, Waterloo
  7. Kevin Korsmo, Atkins
  8. Pete Alepra, Cedar Rapids
  9. Wade Prasil, Cedar Rapids
  10. Jeff King, Cedar Rapids
  11. Brian Gibson, Walford
  12. Scot Johnson, Ankeny
  13. Randy Coghlan, Toddville
  14. Les Cady, Deer Grove, IL
  15. Brian Allen, Hiawatha
  16. Lorin Kurth, Waukon
  17. Doug Hite, Urbana
  18. Art Christoffersen, Robine
  19. Larry Kelley, Cedar Rapids
  20. Mike Ehde, Prarie Du Chien, WI




  1. Curt VanDerWal, Oskaloosa
  2. Ross Kurth, Waukon
  3. Andy Duggan, Marion
  4. John Henecke, Hiawatha
  5. Martin Balard, Marengo
  6. Tom Burke, Nevada
  7. Brian Franks, Central City
  8. Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids
  9. Steve Kibort, Milan, IL
  10. Craig Bender, Cedar Rapids
  11. Johnny Mudd, Cedar Rapids
  12. Bruce Scheff,  Swisher
  13. Lyle Williams, Center Point
  14. Kevin Lee, Homestead
  15. Scot Johnson, Ankeny
  16. JJ Meyer, Cedar Rapids
  17. Ron Fisher, Shellsburg
  18. Dan Zamastil. Fairfax
  19. Bryan Jones, Swisher
  20. Paul Walder, Cedar Rapids




  1. Mike Schulte, Norway
  2. Larry Clausen, Atkins
  3. Scott Wennermark, Cedar Rapids
  4. Trent Ross, Cedar Rapids
  5. Brian Allen, Hiawatha
  6. David Novotny, Solon
  7. Don Long, Anamosa
  8. Keith Gogel, Solon
  9. James Lamphier, Urbana
  10. Mike Thomas, Cedar Rapids
  11. Sonny Parker, Cedar Rapids
  12. Jim Ross, Cedar Rapids
  13. Bob Gase, Cedar Rapids
  14. Jim Williams, Cedar Rapids
  15. John Troxel, Cedar Rapids




  1. Aric Becker, Cedar Rapids
  2. Kurt Bohnsack, Coralville
  3. Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids
  4. Clint Houdek, Anamosa
  5. Brian Helle, Cedar Rapids
  6. Roger Merta, Cedar Rapids
  7. John Ness, Cedar Rapids
  8.  Tink Willey, Cedar Rapids
  9. Randy Filling, Toddville
  10. Roland Bohnsack, Clutier
  11. John Baker, Cedar Rapids
  12. Jim Beer, Cedar Rapids
  13. Perry Thomsen, Cedar Rapids
  14. Jayson Scott,  Cedar Rapids
  15. Chad Siems, Mt. Auburn
  16. Jeff Franks,  Rowley
  17. Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids
  18. Doug Simon, Marion
  19. Don Johnson, Cedar Rapids
  20. Jerry Meyerhoff, Cedar Rapids
  21. Scott Grady, Walker
  22. Brad Dvorak, Mt. Vernon
  23. Ed O’Brien, Cedar Rapids
  24. Derrick Griesehop, Mt. Vernon



Feature #1

  1. Ron Jarrett, Atkins
  2. Kevin Sanborn, Ely
  3. Chad Vozenilek
  4. Bobby Grandstaff, Carlisle
  5. Chip Kohl, Marin
  6. Cory Houdek, Anamosa
  7. Marty Sea, Cedar Rapids
  8. Lisa Dumond, Cedar Rapids
  9. Travis Doudney,  Cedar Rapids
  10. Darryl Jones, Cedar Rapids
  11. James Sheldon, Cedar Rapids
  12. John McDaniel, Cedar Rapids
  13. Roger Lacousierre, Cedar Rapids
  14. Shawn Carnahan, Cedar Rapids
  15. Aaron Meyer, Cedar Rapids
  16. Scott Siems


Feature #2

  1. Jeff Selfridge, Marion
  2. Mike Walsh, Cedar rapids
  3. Frank Auen, Cedar Rapids
  4. Scott Strauss, Cedar Rapids
  5. Mike DeSotel, Cedar Rapids
  6. Dean Michel, Cedar Rapids
  7. Ron Dighton,Cedar Rapids
  8. Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha
  9. Matt Jones, Cedar Rapids
  10. Steve Snyder, Cedar Rapids
  11. Dave Gleason, Atkins
  12. Steve Luedtke, Cedar Rapids
  13. Fred Mains, Cedar Rapids
  14. Crystal Wessley, Marion
  15. Crystal Griesehop, Mt. Vernon




  1. Deb Mefford, Marion
  2. Gwen Christensen, Stanwood
  3. Sandra Sheldon, Cedar Rapids
  4. Danielle Auen, Garrison
  5. Amber Wisted, Cedar Rapids
  6. Linn Hite, Urbana
  7. Jenn Harrington, Cedar Rapids
  8. Wendy Carnahan, Cedar Rapids
  9. Lisa Dumond, Cedar Rapids
  10. Dana Scott, Cedar Rapids
  11. Candace Jarrett, Atkins