By Brad Grupe


(Cedar Rapids, IA 071001)—NASCAR Winston Cup driver Ken Schrader joined the drivers of the IMCA Deery Brothers Summer Series for Dirt Late Models at Hawkeye Downs Speedway on Tuesday night and earned a victory in the process.


            Schrader started in the sixth row and quickly zipped to the front of the field but found himself in second and unable to pass Brad Osborn as the laps ticked off. With five laps to go Osborn lost a driveshaft, advancing Schrader to the lead and the victory.  Rob Toland finished in second with Jason Friesen crossing the stripe in third.


( Track Note: IMCA provides their own press releases for race results so this story contains only a brief summary)


            In other action, Mike Walsh took an early lead in the first of two Barron Motor Supply Thunderstock features and held on to win, finishing ahead of a hard-charging Jeff Selfridge.  Walsh saw a couple big leads wiped out by the caution flag with the last one bunching the pack with just four laps remaining.  Selfridge crossed the stripe in second with Crystal Griesehop, Ron Dighton, and Bobby Grandstaff rounding out the top five.


            Chip Kohl took the lead near the halfway point of the second Thunderstock feature and outlasted James Sheldon, who blasted through the field in the second half of the 20-lap race. Kohl snagged the lead from Fred Mains with 11 laps to go to secure the win. Mains finished third behind Sheldon followed by Scott Strauss and Marty Sea.


            The Coca-Cola Women On Wheels ran a green to checkers 20-lap feature with Deb Mefford staying out front the entire distance. Linn Hite chased Mefford the whole race and made a serious bid for the lead with five laps to go. Hite got loose attempting a last ditch pass, which allowed Mefford to widen her margin of victory. Hite, Sandra Sheldon, Dana Scott and Candace Jarrett finished out the top of the order.


            Chris Sevey took top honors in the A-1 Performance Marine Legends feature. The win was the first for Sevey at Hawkeye Downs. Sevey finished ahead of Tom Frady, Kevin Foreman, Bob Havlik, and Kyle Hinrichs. Current point leader BJ Goodin retired from the race early after being involved in a crash in turn two.


            The Two-driver Cruisers were also in action Tuesday with the tandem of Daryl and Scott Jones taking top honors. The team slipped around second place finishers Matt Jones and John Morgan in the early stages of the race and were never seriously challenged for the balance of the event. The team of Marty Klees/Eric Gintert finished third, Steve Luedtke/Mike Carver and Brad Daugherty/Brad Jordan rounded out the top five.


Hawkeye Downs Speedway-Cedar Rapids, IA

July 10, 2001



Feature (50 laps)

1.       Ken Schrader

2.       Rob Toland

3.       Jason Friesen

4.       Todd Cooney

5.       Mike Smith

6.       Dale Stolte

7.       Darrel DeFrance

8.       Mark Burgtorf

9.       Jerimiah Hurst

10.    John Werner



Feature #1 (20 laps)

1.       Mike Walsh, Cedar Rapids

2.       Jeff Selfridge, Marion

3.       Crystal Griesehop, Mt. Vernon

4.       Ron Dighton, Cedar Rapids

5.       Bobby Grandstaff, Carlisle

6.       Dave Gleason, Atkins

7.       Aaron Meyer, Cedar Rapids

8.       Mike Desotel, Cedar Rapids

9.       Dean Michel, Cedar Rapids

10.    Ron Jarrett, Atkins

11.    Lisa Dumond, Cedar Rapids

12.    Jodi Cranston, Cedar Rapids

13.    Steve Snyder, Cedar Rapids


Feature #2 (20 laps)

1.       Chip Kohl, Marion

2.       James Sheldon, Cedar Rapids

3.       Fred Mains, Cedar Rapids

4.       Scott Strauss, Cedar Rapids

5.       Marty Sea, North Liberty

6.       Daryl Jones, Cedar Rapids

7.       Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha

8.       Cory Houdek, Anamosa

9.       Mike Carver, Cedar Rapids

10.    Travis Doudney, Cedar Rapids

11.    Larry Weston, Cedar Rapids

12.    Crystal Wessley, Marion

13.    Dan Thompson, Cedar Rapids

14.    Roger Lacoursierre, Cedar Rapids

15.    Frank Auen, Cedar Rapids



Feature (25 laps)

1.       Chris Sevey, Waterloo

2.       Tom Frady, Cedar Rapids

3.       Kevin Foreman, Cedar Rapids

4.       Bob Havlik, Toddville

5.       Kyle hinrichs, Swisher

6.       Warren Ropp, Kalona

7.       Gene Peterson, Des Moines

8.       Lane Swearinger, Davenport

9.       Eric Appleget, Ely

10.    Larrie Solbrig, Cedar Rapids

11.    Matt Montieth, Port Byron, IL

12.    Mike Foreman, Cedar Rapids

13.    Kevin DeGood, Iowa City

14.    Keith Moline, Cedar Rapids

15.    BJ Goodin, Waterloo



Feature (20 laps)

1.       Deb Mefford, Marion

2.       Linn Hite, Urbana

3.       Sandra Sheldon, Cedar Rapids

4.       Dana Scott, Cedar Rapids

5.       Danille Auen, Garrison

6.       Gwen Christensen, Stanwood

7.       Wendy Carnahan, Cedar rapids

8.       Julie Walsh, Cedar Rapids

9.       Jenn Harrington, Cedar Rapids

10.    Candace Jarrett, Atkins



Feature (20 laps)

1.       Daryl Jones/ Scott Jones

2.       Matt Jones/  John Morgan

3.       Marty Klees/ Eric Gintert

4.       Steve Luedtke/ Mike Carver

5.       Brad Daugherty/ Brad Jordan

6.       Shellie O’Brien/ Jerry O’Brien

7.       Ken Perry/ Darrin O’Brien

8.       Jim Anderson/ Ed Gintert

9.       Scott Siems/ Chris Shakespeare

10.    Jeff Hempstead/ Blaine McGlaughlin

11.    Tim Kemmerer/ Ed O’Brien

12.    Jeff Bohnsack/David Bohnsack

13.    Derek Scott/Dana Scott