By Brad Grupe

(CEDAR RAPIDS, IA 07/08/2011)—Brad Gibson picked up his first win since joining the Budweiser Modifieds Division while a host of repeat winners visited Hawkeye Downs Victory Lane on Friday night as all six divisions of the Papa John’s Cup/ I-Wireless Championship Series were in action. Brad Osborn scored his second straight win in Performance Concepts Late Models, Nathan Ballard racked up win number five in Barron Motor Supply Hobby Stocks, Matt Blake picked up his second feature win in McGrath Powersports Legends, Cory Houdek picked up his eighth trip to victory lane in Coca-Cola Sportsmen, and Dallas Chandler notched his second Sunline Hornets win.

The i-Wireless Lil’ Racer Car Club also got in on the action Friday night with a Candy Dash at intermission.



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On the track, point leader Nathan Ballard held off Matt Petrzelka to pick up his fifth Barron Motor Supply Hobby Stock feature win of 2011. The two battled side-by-side early in the race with Ballard settling in with a slight lead until Petrzelka made a final charge as the pair took the white flag. While the white flag lap was a “dead heat” Ballard squeezed out the win exiting turn four on the final lap and ended Petrzelka’s two-win streak. Jeremy Robbins finished third, Brad Chandler was fourth, and Bryan Galde was fifth in his first start of the season.


Ed Siems Photo

HEAT- 1. Matt Petrzelka, Norway; 2.Nathan Ballard, Marengo; 3.Jeremy Robbins, Swisher; 4.Brad Chandler, Cedar Rapids; 5.Bryan Galde, Marion

FEATURE( 15 laps) 1. Ballard 2.Petrzelka 3.Robbins 4.Chandler 5. Galde




Much like the Hobby Stock feature, the Coca-Cola Sportsmen feature saw a close finish as Cory Houdek crossed the stripe  just a half car length ahead of Bob Ahrendsen. Houdek took the early lead  on lap two with Ahrendsen chasing several car lengths behind until a caution just past the halfway mark bunched the field. When racing resumed Ahrendsen got a fender under Houdek a couple times but couldn’t complete the challenge. With five laps to go the front four were running nose-to-tail with Houdek still holding off Ahrendsen. Ahrendsen made a furious last ditch effort on the final turn but Houdek prevailed for his sixth win of the season. Craig Stepanek finished third while Ben Glascock and Dave Ballsteadt rounded out the tiop five.


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HEAT 1- 1.Cory Houdek, Marion; 2.Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha; 3.Craig Stepanek, Marion; 4.Malena Betzer, Cedar Rapids

HEAT 2- 1. Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids; 2.Ben Glascock, Indianola; 3.Dave Ballstaedt, Marion; 4.Al Jarvis, Center Point

FEATURE (20 laps) 1. Houdek 2.Ahrendsen 3.Stepanek 4.Glascock 5.Ballstaedt 6.Jarvis 7. Hentrich 8. Betzer




Matt Blake had relatively smooth sailing in winning the thirty-lap McGrath Powersports Legends feature after taking the lead from Dennis Diercks on lap six. About the only thing to slow down Blake was lapped traffic as the point leader cruised to his second win of the season. Troy Burkhart, who was running is second, did close a bit on the leader with ten laps remaining but once the pair cleared the slower traffic Blake was able to build the lead again. Warren Ropp crossed the stripe in third while Dennis Diercks was fourth and al Diercks was fifth.

Speedway Souvenir Photo

HEAT 1- 1. Matt Blake, Cedar Rapids; 2.Dennis Diercks, Davenport; 3.Warren Ropp, Kalona; 4.Jason Beauregard, Cedar Rapids

HEAT 2- 1. Trooy Burkhart, Cedar Rapids; 2.Ross Davisson, Coralville; 3.Caleb Adrian, Davenport; 4.Jeff Willits, Moline, IL

FEATURE (30 laps) 1. Blake 2.Burkhart 3.Ropp 4.Dennis Diercks 5.Al Diercks 6.Beauregard 7.Davisson 8.Willits 9.Adrian




A familiar name from the past landed in victory lane at the conclusion of the 20-lap Budweiser Modified feature as Brian Gibson outran Johnny Spaw for the win. Gibson, who most recently ran in the Late Model division, took the point on the first lap, survived a lap four challenge from Spaw and then built a four car- length lead by the halfway point. Near the end of the race a lapped car presented a bit of a challenge for the frontrunners and Spaw nearly slipped under Gibson in turn two as they split the slower car but Gibson prevailed and widened his lead again as the final couple laps ticked off. Ryan Luedtke scored third, Craig Bender was fourth, and Mike Schulte was fifth.

Point leader Tim Plummer did not run Friday night as he was in Minnesota at an ASA Midwest Tour event.


Speedway Souvenir Photo

HEAT 1-1.Craig Bender, Cedar Rapids; 2.Ryan Luedtke, Norway 3.Mike Schulte, Norway; 4.Jason Beauregard, Cedar Rapids; 5.Tim Dains, Marion

HEAT 2-1. Brian Gibson, Walford; 2.Johnny Spaw, Cedar Rapids; 3.Steve Lindell, Marion; 4. James Dixon, Cedar Rapids

FEATURE (20 laps) 1. Gibson 2.Spaw 3.Luedtke 4.Bender 5.Schulte 6.Lindell 7.Beauregard 8.Dixon 9. Dains





Dallas Chandler scored the win in the always wild Sunline Hornets Feature after taking the lead on lap five. By the halfway mark he was slicing through lapped traffic while multiple position battles were happening throughout the field. With five laps to go Chandler still had a sizable lead with Jose DeJesus and Brad Chandler the closest pursuers. Those two tangled on the final lap scrambling the running order. Todd Ness finished in second, Derek Parrott was third, Nate Chandler finished fourth and Bryce Bailey was fifth.


Ed Siems Photo

HEAT 1-1.Jose DeJesus, Cedar Rapids; 2,.Nate Chandler, Cedar Rapids; 3.Todd Ness, Cedar Rapids; 4.Dakota Dains, Marion; 5.JR Dvorak, Lisbon; 6.Shane Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 7.Aaron Jarvis, Center Point; 8. Kurt Bohnsack, Iowa City 9.Prestin Witham, Cedar Rapids

HEAT 2- 1.Brad Chandler, Cedar Rapids; 2.Bryce Bailey, Cedar Rapids; 3.Derek Parrott, Marion; 4.Dallas Chandler, Cedar Rapids; 5.Parker Anderson, Cedar Rapids; 6.Casey Bilden, Cedar Rapids; 7.John Ness, Cedar Rapids; 8.Ian Pate, Cedar Rapids; 9.Joe Bean, Cedar Rapids

FEATURE  (Unofficial) (20 laps) 1. Dallas Chandler 2.Todd Ness 3.Parrott 4.Nate Chandler 5.Bailey 6.Bohnsack 7.John Ness 8. Dains 9.Brad Chandler 10. Jarvis 11.Pate 12. Witham 13.Anderson 14.Hanson 15.Bean 16.DeJesus 17.Bilden 18.Dvorak






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Brad Osborn emerged as the leader from an early side-by-side battle with Kyle Hinrichs  and then cruised to an easy Performance Concepts Late Models win. Joey Gase appeared to have the best chance to catch Osborn after taking second with ten laps to go. However, the distance was too great to make up and Gase had to settle for second, nearly three seconds behind the leader. Hinrichs finished in third followed by Mason Mitchell and Andy Edwards.  The win was the second in a row for Osborn and should tighten the close point race even more.


Speedway Souvenir Photo

HEAT 1- 1. Brad Osborn, Janesville 2.Kyle Hinrichs, Swisher 3.Mason Mitchell, West Des Moines 4.Brian Allen, Hiawtha 5. Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids

HEAT 2- 1. Joey Gase, Cedar Rapids; 2.andy Edwards, New Hartford; 3.Jay Jaspers, Steamboat Rock; 4.Chad Siems, Shellsburg; 5.Tuck Cory, Quincy, IL

FEATURE (30 laps) 1. Osborn 2.Gase 3.Hinrichs 4.Mitchell 5.Edwards 6.Jaspers 7.Allen 8.Chad Siems 9. Scott Siems 10. Cory




Racing resumes next Friday night with the “100.7 The Fox Free Race” Fans should listen to “The Fox” for ticket pickup locations. 100.7 is teaming up with The Eastern Iowa Airport, Allegiant Air, and Pepsi Max to give away not one, but two trips to Orlando during the evening.

 The Lil Racer Car Club will also be doing their “Great Ice Cream Giveaway” with all you can eat ice cream. Former Hawkeye Wrestler Mark Ironside is also scheduled to be on hand for autographs at the Lil’ Racer booth.