By Brad Grupe


(Cedar Rapids, IA  062201)—Friday night was the first of two night of Winged Outlaw Sprint Car racing at Hawkeye Downs Speedway with the Auto Value Super Sprints in action along with some of the regular ASA/Hawk Performance/Pap John’s Cup divisions.


The Aggregates Late Models, Budweiser Sportsmen and Two-Driver Cruisers filled out the card on the first night of the  “Splash/Hoosier Tire/Freedom Festival Winged Sprint Nationals.”


An all-time series record 37 AVSS Winged Sprints signed in to battle the Hawkeye Downs half-mile but that wasn’t the only record to fall during the evening. Bill Tyler who turned the “Hawkeye Half” in 15.605 seconds also posted a new one-lap track record time.


Gary Fedewa of Holt, MI made a last lap pass to win the first of two 25-lap features. The win made him an automatic qualifier for Saturday nights’ 50-lap feature.


Steve Surniak posted a wire-to-wire run in winning the second 25 lapper for the AVSS Super Sprints and likewise transferred into Saturday night’s main event.


Six-time track champion and ASA/AC Delco Series Rookie Johnny Spaw returned to Coca-Cola Victory Lane after winning a25 lap Aggregates Late Model feature. Spaw motored his way through the pack and took the lead with 8 laps gone. Last week’s winner, Wade Prasil, reeled in Spaw in the closing laps but could draw no closer than a couple car lengths as they navigated through lapped traffic. Curt Martin, TJ Schaefer and Dave Naylor rounded out the top of the order.


Jeff King gained his second win of the season in the other Aggregates Late Model Feature after the apparent on-track winner Doug Hite didn’t pass post-race technical inspection. Scot Johnson, Brian Gibson, TJ Schaefer, and Mike Ehde completed the revised top-five finish.


Dave Johnson snuck around son Scot with 7 laps to go to take the win in the Budweiser Sportsmen division. Johnson had a mirror full of Curt VanDerWal in the closing laps but was able to maintain the lead and the win. VanDerWal and Johnson are running neck and neck in the points chase and were in fact tied coming into Friday night.  Scot Johnson finished in third with pole-sitter Lyle Williams finishing fourth and defending champion John Henecke fifth.


The Two Driver Cruiser feature was run clockwise, rather in the normal counter-clockwise manner but that didn’t deter the duo of Matt Jones and John Morgan from finding victory lane. Daryl and Scot Jones finished in second while Ken Perry and Darrin O’Brien crossed the stripe in third.


RESULTS FOR 06/22/01


Fast Qualifier- Bill Tyler 15.605

FEATURE #1 (top five only)

1.       Gary Fedewa

2.       John Hotchkiss

3.       Hank Lower

4.       Bill Tyler

5.       Curt Shumaker


FEATURE #2 (top five only)

1.       Steve Surniak

2.       Ryan Katz

3.       Jay Rohrback

4.       Kevin Feeney

5.       Chris Hayes




1.       Jeff King, Cedar Rapids

2.      Scot Johnson, Ankeny

3.      Brian Gibson, Walford

4.      TJ Schaefer, Solon

5.      Mike Ehde, Prarie Du Chien, WI

6.      Curt Martin, Independence

7.      Dave Naylor, Scotch Grove

8.      Johnny Spaw, Cedar Rapids

9.      Keith Siefken, Cedar Rapids

10.  Art Christofferesen, Robins

11.  Wade Prasil, Cedar Rapids

12.  Kevin Korsmo, Atkins\

13.  Matt Lundberg, Des Moines

14.  Scott Delsing, Iowa City

15.  Lorin Kurth, Waukon

16.  Brian Allen, Hiawatha

17.  Jim Ross, Cedar Rapids

18.  Les Cady, Deer Grove, IL

19.  Dennis Gerst, Jesup

20.  Randy Coghlan, Toddville

21.    Larry Kelley, Cedar Rapids

22.    Dudley Fleck, Cedar Rapids

23.    Marty Diercks, Bettendorf

24.    Greg Kastli, Waterloo

25.    Pete Alepra, Cedar Rapids



1.       Johnny Spaw, Cedar Rapids

2.       Wade Prasil, Cedar rapids

3.       Curt Martin, Independence

4.       TJ Schaefer, Solon

5.       Dave Naylor, Scotch Grove

6.       Mike Ehde, Prarie Du Chien, WI

7.       Keith Siefken, Cedar Rapids

8.       Kevin Korsmo, Atkins

9.       Brian Gibson, Walford

10.    Doug Hite, Urbana

11.    Jeff King, Cedar Rapids

12.    Dudley Fleck, Cedar Rapids

13.    Matt Lundberg, Des Moines

14.    Scot Johnson, Des Moines

15.    Jim Ross, Cedar Rapids

16.    Scott Delsing, Iowa City

17.    Larry Kelley, Cedar Rapids

18.    Marty Diercks, Bettendorf

19.    Les Cady, Deer Grove, IL

20.    Randy Coghlan,Toddville

21.    Lorin Kurth, Waukon

22.    Brian Allen, Hiawatha

23.    Dennis Gerst, Jesup

24.  Art Christoffersen, Robins



1.       Dave Johnson, Ankeny

2.       Curt VanDerWal, Oskaloosa

3.       Scot Johnson, Ankeny

4.       Lyle Williams, Center point

5.       John Henecke, Hiawatha

6.       JJ Meyer, Cedar Rapids

7.       Tom Burke, Nevada

8.       Andy Duggan, Marion

9.       Johnny Mudd, Cedar Rapids

10.    Martin Ballard, Marengo

11.    Bruce Scheff, Swisher

12.    Brian Franks, Central City

13.    Paul Walder, Cedar Rapids

14.    Ron Fisher, Shellsburg

15.    Ross Kurth, Waukon

16.    Steve Kibort, Milan, IL

17.    Paul Walder, Cedar Rapids

18.    Jason Vincent, Nevada

19.    Bryan Jones, Swisher

20.    Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids



1.       Matt Jones/ John Morgan

2.       Daryl/Scott Jones

3.       Ken Perry Darrin O’Brien

4.       Marty Klees/Eric Gintert

5.       Bob Ahrendsen/Jerry Stewart

6.       Brad Daugherty/Brad Jordan

7.       Shellie O’Brien/Jerry O’Brien

8.       Jim Anderson/Ed Gintert

9.       Steve Luedtke/Mike Carver

10.    Derek Scott/Lorie Scott

11.    Jeff Hempstead/Blaine McGlaughlin

12.    Scott Siems/Chris Shakepeare

13.    Tim Kemmerer/Ed O’Brien

14.    Jeff/David Bohnsack