( Cedar Rapids, IA  061606)—Rodney Grother of Cedar Rapids racked up his fourth straight win in the Barron Motor Supply IMCA Hobby Stocks on Landstar/Z102.9 Safety Night at Hawkeye Downs Speedway.


Likewise, Kyle Hinrichs is starting to pile up the wins in the Performance Concepts Late Model division, winning his third straight Friday night.


Other winners were Arlo Becker in Miller Time Modifieds, Andy Duggan picked up his first win of the season in Budweiser Sportsmen, Randy Filling scored his first win of the year in Barron Motor Supply IMCA Stock Cars, and Nathan Ballard continued his domination of the Sunline Hornets.


Rodney Grother needed most of the 15-laps of the Hobby Stock feature  to work through the pack, taking the lead from Kandi Floyd with just three laps left to gain the win . Floyd finished a strong run in second with Gary Pfantz crossing the Coors Light Finish Line in third.


Kyle Hinrichs has been almost unstoppable in Performance Concepts ASA Late Models since solving some handling issues earlier in the season. Whatever his crew found wrong with the car has made the difference as he took the checkers again Friday night. Jeff King finished second while the visiting Dab Lensing of Roscoe, IL made the trip to Cedar Rapids worthwhile, bringing home third.


Arlo Becker had to hold off fellow Norway driver Tim Plummer for much of the race Friday night as Plummer made repeated challenges for the lead. Becker took the lead on lap 11 after starting fifth on the grid with Plummer starting one row back in seventh. The driver with the best view of the battle up front was Griffin McGrath, who wound up third.


In other half-mile action in the Papa Johns Cup/ I Wireless Championship, Andy Duggan held off a furious run by rookie Joey King in the Budweiser Sportsmen although it took extra time to run the race.


The race was red-flagged when Kevin Franks collected the wall hard and several other cars were sent spinning as Brian Franks’ engine apparently let loose heading into turn one on lap eight. Franks was transported to the hospital for observation as a precaution but was up and walking around after the incident.


Joey King was on Duggan’s bumper for the last few laps and made a last ditch challenge coming out of four on the last circuit with Duggan prevailing by half a car length. Mel Schappert finished third.


Randy Filling needed a last lap pass of Chad Siems to claim the IMCA Stock Car feature win. Siems started on the point and led the entire race prior to the pass. Filling came from the fourth row to claim the win. Logan Hale finished a strong third.


Nathan Ballard came from the third row to quickly take the lead in the Sunline Hornets feature as he racked up his third win of the season in that division. Derrick Beadle was a somewhat distant second and Brian Beaty held off Jeff Ballard for third.




FEATURE ( 25 laps)

  1. Kyle Hinrichs, Swisher, IA; 2. Jeff King, Cedar Rapids, IA; 3. Dan Lensing, Roscoe, IL; 4. Scott Wennermark, Ely, IA; 5. Craig Roberts, Des Moines, IA; 6. Jacob Goede, New Germany, MN; 7. Brad Osborn, Janesville, IA



FEATURE (25 laps)

  1. Arlo Becker, Norway, IA; 2. Tim Plummer, Norway, IA; 3. Griffin McGrath, Cedar Rapids, IA; 4. Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 5. Rodney Rocarek, Mt. Vernon, IA; 6. Chad Willett, Alburnett, IA; 7. Shawn Stinger, Palo, IA; 8. Craig Bender, Cedar Rapids, IA; 9. Scott Grady, Cedar Rapids, IA; 10. Aric Becker, Cedar Rapids, IA; 11. Thor Anderson, Bondurant, IA; 12. Darrell Long, Cedar Rapids, IA; 13. Scott Strauss, Cedar Rapids, IA



FEATURE (25 laps)

  1. Andy Duggan, Marion, IA; 2. Joey King, Silvis, IL; 3. Mel Schappert, Cedar Rapids, IA; 4.Martin Ballard, Marengo. IA; 5. Ross Zumbach, Racine, MN; 6. Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids, IA; 7. Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids, IA; 8. Sonny Parker, Cedar Rapids, IA; 9. Ben Glascock, Indianola, IA; 10. Kevin Lee, Cedar Rapids, IA; 11. Brian Franks, Central City, IA; 12. Kevin Franks, Cedar Rapids, IA



FEATURE (20laps)

  1. Randy Filling, Toddville, IA; 2. Chad Siems, Marion, IA; 3. Logan Hale, Cedar Rapids, IA; 4. Kurt Bohnsack. Iowa City, IA; 5. Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids, IA; 6. Dennis Hundley, Center Point, IA; 7. Brad Dvorak, Cedar Rapids, IA; 8. Doug Otto, Cedar Falls, IA; 9. Wendy Carnahan, Cedar Rapids, IA; 10. Seth Thomas, Center Point, IA; 11. Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha, IA



FEATURE (15 laps)

  1. Rodney Grother, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2. Kandi Floyd, Cedar Rapids, IA; 3. Gary Pfantz, State Center, IA; 4. Deb Mefford, Cedar Rapids, IA; 5. Tim Dains, Marion, IA; 6. Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids, IA; 7. Terry Shaffar, State Center, IA; 8. Jeremy Floyd, Cedar Rapids, IA; 9. Dennis Klinsky, Ely, IA; 10. Perry Thomsen, Cedar Rapids, IA; 11. Joe Sprague, Independence, IA; 12. Duayne Herb, Marion, IA; 13. Chad Vozenilek, Cedar Rapids, IA; 14. Matt Lacoursiere, Cedar Rapids, IA; 15. Kris Jones, Cedar Rapids, IA



FEATURE (12 laps)

1. Nathan Ballard, Marengo, IA; 2. Derrick Beadle, Hiawatha, IA; 3. Brian Beaty, Palo, IA; 4. Jeff Ballard, Marengo, IA; 5. Corey depaw, Key west, FL; 6. Brian Bries, Norway, IA; 7. Dan Vincent, Solon, IA; 8. Clint Sheppard, Hiawatha, IA; 9. Connie Binder, Clutier; 10. Brad Fisher, Oxford, IA