(Cedar Rapids, IA) – A perfect night for racing greeted an enthusiastic crowd and a season high car count on Corridor Motors Night at Hawkeye Downs Speedway on Friday night. It was week seven of the 2014 Hy-Vee Racing Series campaign.

It wasn’t just about racing either Friday night. In honor of Fathers Day, City Tractor Company gave away a Gravely Lawn Mower to one lucky dad, the Dodge Street Tire Lil’Racer Car Club held its annual Big Wheel Races,  and The Macaroni Kid and several sponsor/vendors  along with members of the Cedar Rapids Titans Football Team were  on hand in support of Legends racer Brody Willett.

            The big topic on everyone’s minds Friday night was whether anyone would collect a “bounty” that was posted for anyone that could beat Kurt Bohnsack fair and square in the Sunline Hornets Feature. Bohnsack brought a six-race winning streak to the track with him Friday night and the bounty was enough to bring back a couple familiar names to the division in the way of Brad and Dallas Chandler. On the line was an additional $100 from Hawkeye Downs Speedway as well as an additional $100 from D & S Disposal added to the winners’ take.

            It didn’t take long after the green flag dropped on the 15-lap Sunline Hornets feature for the battle to develop as Brad Chandler took the lead on lap two from his fourth row starting spot. Meanwhile, Kurt Bohnsack started working through the pack from the tail of the field and by lap four he was on the rear decklid of Chandler. As the laps ticked down, Bohnsack repeatedly pulled alongside Chandler,  who was protecting the inside line. With two laps to go Bohnsack drove in to turn two a little too hard, lost some momentum and was unable to mount a challenge again on the final lap.  Dallas Chandler finished third while Brad Schmidt was fourth and Todd Ness finished fifth.

            The hotly contested Barron Motor Supply Hobby Stock division didn’t disappoint Friday night as Nathan Ballard came through the pack from the tenth starting position to claim his second win of the season. Brandon Herb wrestled the lead from Sonny Parker on lap three and held the spot until caution waved on lap six. On the restart Herb continued his lead but two laps later Ballard scooted by Herb and pulled away from the pack. Herb continued to hold second through the balance of the race with Jim Hanson rallying for third after being involved in a earlier caution. The point leader coming into Friday night, Matt Petrzelka finished in fourth while Jacob Floyd was fifth.

            Greg Hentrich has been in the thick of things all season in the Mountain Dew Sportsmen, posting strong runs almost each week. Friday night that paid off as he proved to be the man to beat collecting both heat and feature wins in the division. Hentrich started outside the front row, quickly moved into the lead and by lap four he had built a fairly comfortable lead. Tom Burke was his closest pursuer with Cory Houdek and Dave Ballsteadt battling for third spot.  The field was reset with two laps to go after Jim Hanson got into the back of Ballsteadt bringing out caution.  Dave McCalla was running fifth in his first outing of the season and he got a great restart moving by Burke to grab the second slot on the final lap. Ballsteadt finished third, Burke was fourth, and Houdek was fifth as that trio crossed the stripe in a near photo finsh. The win for Hentrich was his first since 2009.

            For awhile it looked like Brian Allen might be the man to beat in Carpetland USA Late Models Friday night as he turned a front-row start into a huge early lead while other challengers were battling through the pack. Allen had a second and a half lead over point leader Tim Plummer by lap five when Plummer cleared the rest of the field and moved into second. However, it took just five more laps for Plummer to run down Allen and on lap ten he snared the lead bringing Griffin McGrath with him. McGrath appeared to be cutting into Plummer’s lead a bit with seven laps to go but the leader pulled away again over the final five laps to claim his fifth win of the season. Caleb Adrian posted a strong run finishing third, with a familiar name, Brian Gibson,  finishing fourth in his first time out in a late model in several years.  Allen finished fifth.

            A season high eighteen car field was on hand for the 25-lap Dublin City Pub Legends feature which was the finale for the evening. Bryce Bailey bolted into the early lead with Mark Ironside, Austin Kunert, Brody Willett, and Kevin Korsmo close behind. Austin Kunert moved to second on lap eight and began pressuring Bailey for the point. On lap twelve, Bailey got a little out of shape and that was the opening Kunert needed to snag the lead. He quickly opened up a nice lead while Kevin Korsmo, Tim Goettsch and Mark ironside batteld behind. Korsmo, the point leader, was able to keep Goettsch at bay, finishing second. Ironside finished fourth and Brody Willett was fifth.

            Racing resumes next Friday night with the Miller Time Modifieds set to rejoin the other five divisions of the HyVee Racing series for VanMeter Night. Admission is a minimum $1.00 donation but of course fans are encouraged to donate more. Proceeds go the Mercy Medical Center Juvenile Diabetes Program. Also Friday night is the annual Van Meter Celebrity race featuring Rod Reinertson, Van Meter Incorporated Director of Automation; Tim Charles President/CEO of Mercy Medical Center; Scott Saville, KCRG/TV9 Sports Director, and Tyler Ryder of the KGYM Radio “Afternon Players Club.”







June 13, 2014


HEAT 1- 1. (77) Warren Ropp, Kalona; 2. (66) Dennis Diercks, Eldridge; 3. (88) Matt Blake, Cedar Rapids; 4.(43) Kyle Diercks, Eldridge; 5. (13) TJ Aimers, Cedar Rapids; 6. (3)Trent Jochimsen, Cedar Rapids

HEAT 2- 1. (01) Tim Goettsch, Bettendorf; 2. (00) Brody Willett, Alburnett; 3. (25) Cole O’Brien, Cedar Rapids; 4. (R8) Ross Davisson, Coralville; 5. (54) CJ Van Horn, Marion; DNS- Al Diercks, Davenport

HEAT 3- 1. (51) Bryce Bailey, Cedar Rapids, 2. (10) Mark Ironside, Swisher; 3. (86) Kevin Korsmo, Atkins; 4. (29) Austin Kunert, Batavia, IL; 5. (21) Mark Greb, Coralville’ 6. (37) Danny Lehmkuhl, Cedar Rapids

FEATURE (25 laps) 11. Kunert 2. Korsmo 3.Goettsch 4. Ironside 5. Willett 6. Blake 7. Bailey 8. O’Brien 9. Lehmkuhl 10. Greb 11. Al Diercks 12. Dennis Diercks 13. Ropp 14. Davisson 15. Kyle Diercks 16. Jochimsen 17. Aimers DNS- Van Horn



HEAT 1.- 1. (16) Todd Ness, Cedar Rapids; 2. (8R) Dallas Chandler, Vinton; 3. (54) CJ Van Horn, Marion 4. (14) Zach Hartman, Cedar Rapids; 5. (59) Steve Woodrow, Cedar Rapids; 6. (1a) Rob Aimers, Cedar Rapids

HEAT 2- 1. (4) Kurt Bohnsack, Ely; 2. (2m) Brad Chandler, Vinton; 3. (7b) Brad Schmidt, Cedar Rapids; 4. (44) Troy Scott, Cedar Rapids; 5. (1) Kaden Reynolds

FEATURE (15 laps) 1. Brad Chandler 2. Bohnsack 3. Dallas Chandler 4. Schmidt 5. Ness 6. Woodrow 7. Hartman 8. Scott 9. Aimers 10. Van Horn 11. Reynolds



HEAT 1- 1. (12) Brandon Herb, Marion; 2. (29) Natahan Ballard, Marengo; 3. (77) Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 4. (1) Sonny Parker, Cedar Rapids; 5. (54) Jason Sherman, Marengo; 6. (48) Adam Petrzelka, Norway

HEAT 2- 1. (14j) Jacob Floyd, Cedar Rapids; 2. (4) Kurt Bohnsack, Ely; 3. (2) Matt Lacoursiere, Cedar Rapids; 4. (22) Matt Petrzelka, Norway; 5. (12k) Kandi Floyd, Cedar Rapids; 6. (57) Malena Clement, Cedar Rapids

FEATURE (15 laps) 1. Ballard 2. Herb 3. Hanson 4. Matt Petrzelka 5. Jacob Floyd 6. Lacoursiere 7. Adam Petrzelka 8. Sherman 9. Parker 10. Kandi Floyd 11. Bohnsack 12. Clement



HEAT- 1. (3) Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha; 2. (9) Dave Ballsteadt, Marion; 3. (88) Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 4. (5) Tom Burke, Ames; 5. (19) Cory Houdek, Marion; 6. (3) Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids; 7. (7) John Johnston, Victor

FEATURE (15 laps) 1. Hentrich 2. McCalla 3. Ballsteadt 4. Burke 5. Houdek 6. Hanson 7. Johnston



HEAT- 1. (29) Caleb Adrian, Davenport; 2. (0) Brian Gibson, Walford; 3. (52) Brian Allen, Hiawatha; 4. (74) Tim Plummer, Norway; 5. (43) Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids; 6. (64) Griffin McGrath, Cedar Rapids; 7. (99) Logan Mitchell, Palmyra, MO; 8. (76) Chad Siems, Shellsburg; 9.(5) Tom Rayl, Mitchellville

FEATURE (25 laps) 1. Plummer 2. McGrath 3. Adrian 4. Gibson 5. Allen 6. Mitchell 7. Scott Siems 8. Chad Siems DNS- Rayl