(Cedar Rapids, Iowa 06/07/2013)—A huge crowd packed Cedar Rapids’ Hawkeye Downs Speedway Friday night as “100.7 The Fox” presented their annual Free Race. All six divisions of the Hy Vee/I-Wireless Championship Series were on hand to entertain the fans. The Lil’ Racer Car Club also staged what was billed as “The World’s Largest Candy Dash” which saw 300 pounds of candy scooped up in short order by a large group of eager kids.

On the track, Bryce Bailey scored his second straight feature win in the Dub City Pub Legends. Logan Mitchell led the first twelve trips around the quarter-mile before Tim Goettsch took command on lap thirteen. Four laps later Bailey grabbed the lead and appeared headed for an easy win until caution slowed the action on lap twenty-one.

When the green dropped again, Bailey was able to pull away from Goettsch once again securing his second win in as many weeks. Goettsch maintained second while Mitchell finished third.


In the Sunline Hornets 20-lap feature, Kurt Bohnsack found himself in victory lane once again after taking the lead on lap eleven. Bohnsack, Dallas Chandler, and Todd Ness battled three wide before Bohnsack snagged the lead. Earlier in the race, Dan Schmidt and Ness both held leads as well. Schmidt led the first five laps before losing control and spinning, bringing out the caution. Hallie Hanson and Chuck Hanson were in the mix early on as well but after the caution the field separated a bit.

Finishing behind Bohnsack were Dallas Chandler, Todd Ness, Dan Schmidt, and Hallie Hanson.


Matt Petrzelka took an early lead, outlasted two cautions, and motored to his fifth feature win in five tries in Barron Motor Supply Hobby Stocks. Petrzelka took command on the restart from a lap three yellow and then outran Brandon Herb to the finishing stripe. Kandi Floyd finished third followed by Jacob Floyd, and Malena Betzer.


In one of the wildest features of the night, Jim Hanson broke Dave McCalla’s winning streak in the Mountain Dew Sportsmen feature. Greg Hentrich built an sizable early lead with Dave Ballstaedt his closest pusuer. The field was stacked behind those two leaving Dave McCalla nowhere to go for the first half of the race. McCalla finally broke free and by lap twelve he moved into second and started to run down Hentrich. The two ran side-by side for a couple circuits before they touched sending McCalla spinning, bringing out the yellow and sending both the front-runners to the back.

That left Dave Ballstaedt, Ben Glascock and Jim Hanson to slug it out on the restart. Hanson was able to power into the lead and hold off Glascock for the win. Cory Houdek rallied for a third place finish.


Tim Plummer has “owned” the Miller Time Modified division since the second week of the season and Friday night was no exception. Jim Dixon led the opening stanza before Brian Gibson took the point. Gibson tried to put as much distance as possible between he and the rest of the field but by lap seven Plummer had caught Gibson and the battle was on. Plummer dropped his car very low, possibly even partially in the grass and was able to squeeze by Gibson on lap nine to motor towards his fourth win of the season. Gibson maintained second with Craig Bender finishing third.


The Carpetland USA Late Model feature saw Tim Plummer again in the mix as the double-duty driver took the lead on lap seven. There were three different leaders in the first three laps with Jay Jaspers holding the lead until Plummer stormed by on lap seven and tried to put as much distance between himself and the likes of Andy Edwards and Griffin McGrath.

By the halfway mark, McGrath had closed within five car lengths of Plummer and with twelve laps to go had narrowed the gap to just a couple car lengths. Things got serious with ten to go as the pair ran side-by-side but McGrath was able to pull around Plummer with nine laps remaining and at that point the race was all but over. Plummer held on to second while Jay Jaspers, Andy Edwards, and Scott Siems filled out the top five.


Racing resumes next Friday night June 14 with all six divisions in action.





100.7 The Fox FREE NIGHT

June 7, 2013


HEAT 1- 1. (01) Tim Goettsch, Davenport; 2. (10) Mark Ironside, Swisher; 3. (29)Caleb Adrian, Davenport; 4. (64) Danny Lehmkuhl, Cedar Rapids; 5. (37) Jordan Walker, Cedar Rapids; 6. (25) Cole O’Brien , Cedar Rapids; 7. (02) Jason Beauregard, Cedar Rapids; DNS-(95) Allen Diercks. Bettendorf

HEAT 2-1. (99m)Logan Mitchell, Palmyra, MO; 2.(66)Dennis Diercks, Davenport; 3.(32)Rod McGlothlen, Oskaloosa; 4.(51) Bryce Bailey, Cedar Rapids; 5.(74R)Matt Blake, Cedar Rapids; 6.(86)Kevin Korsmo, Atkins; 7.(43)Gary Dyer, Bettendorf

FEATURE (30 laps) 1. Bailey 2.Goettsch 3.Mitchell 4.Korsmo 5.McGlothlen 6.Dennis Diercks 7.Blake 8.Allen Diercks 9.Ironside 10. Lehmkuhl 11.Adrian 12. Dyer 13. Walker 14.O’Brien DNS-Beauregard


HEAT 1- 1. (4)Kurt Bohnsack, Iowa City; 2.(9D)Dan Schmidt, Cedar Rapids; 3.(24)Jose DeJesus, Cedar Rapids; 4.(7B)Brad Schmidt, Cedar Rapids; 5.(18)J.C Floyd, Cedar Rapids

HEAT 2- 1. (8R)Dallas Chandler, Cedar Rapids; 2.(6)Todd Ness, Cedar Rapids; 3.(00)Hallie Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 4.(8)Chuck Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 5.(14)Zach Hartman, Cedar Rapids; 6(44)Troy Scott, Cedar Rapids

FEATURE(20 laps) 1. Bohnsack 2.Chandler 3.Ness 4.Dan Schmidt 5.Hallie Hanson 6.Floyd 7.Scott 8.Chuck Hanson 9.DeJesus 10. Brad Schmidt 11.Hartman


HEAT- 1. (22)Matt Petrzelka, Norway; 2.(12)Brandon Herb, Marion; 3.(2)Matt Lacoursiere, Cedar Rapids; 4.(12k) Kandi Floyd, Cedar Rapids; 5.(14j)Jacob Floyd, Cedar Rapids; 6.(54)Jason Sherman, Marengo; 7.(57)Malena Betzer, Marion; 8.(2x)Bob McCorkle, Marion; DNS-11BHrian Bries, Norway

FEATURE (15 laps)1. Petrezelka 2.Herb 3.Kandi Floyd 4.Jacob Floyd 5.Betzer 6.Sherman 7.Bries 8.McCorkle 9. Lacoursiere


HEAT- 1. (9)Dave Ballstaedt, Marion; 2.(88) Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 3.(3)Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids; 4.(35)Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha; 5.(83)Ben Glascock, Indianola; 6.(19)Cory Houdek, Marion

FEATURE (20 laps) 1. Hanson 2.Glascock 3.Houdek 4.McCalla 5.Ballstaedt 6. Hentrich


HEAT- 1. (66)Tim Plummer, Norway; 2.(8)Ryan Luedtke, Norway; 3.(17)Brian Gibson, Walford; 4.(2)Craig Bender, Cedar Rapids; 5.(26)James Dixon, Cedar Rapids; 6.(5)Ed O’Brien, Cedar Rapids

FEATURE (20 laps) 1. Plummer 2.Gibson 3.Bender 4.Luetke 5.Dixon 6. O’Brien


HEAT- 1. (74)Tim Plummer, Norway; 2.(36)Andy Edwards, New Hartford; 3.(64)Griffin McGrath, Cedar Rapids; 4.(72)Brad Osborn, Janesville; 5.(95)Jay Jaspers, Steamboat Rock; 6.(76)Chad Siems, Shellsburg; DNS-(43)Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids

FEATURE (30 laps) 1. McGrath 2.Plummer 3.Jaspers 4.Edwards 5.Scott Siems 6.Chad Siems 7.Osborn