(Cedar Rapids, IA 05/23/09)—Officials, fans, race teams, and drivers breathed a collective sigh of relief Friday night as the first green flag waved without a raindrop to be found and action resumed in the papa Johns Pizza/I-Wireless Championship Cup chase. The past two race programs fell victim to bad weather.


McGrath Auto Group presented racing action in seven divisions Friday night which was also “Bikini Tops and Cowboy Boots night” which allowed fans to earn half-price or free admission by wearing one or both items.


Tim Plummer topped Miller Lite Late Model qualifying, turning a fast lap of 19.004 seconds in his week of competition in this division.


In the forty-lap Miller Lite Late Model feature, Jim Ross bolted into the lead as the green waved but Thor Anderson quickly chased Ross down and scooted into the lead on lap four. As Anderson motored toward his first Hawkeye Downs Late Model win, several other drivers including Tim Plummer, Griffin McGrath, Johnny Spaw, and Brad Dvorak staged battles for position in the top five.


Plummer finished a solid second followed by Griffin McGrath, May 1st feature winner Johnny Spaw, and Brad Dvorak.


Scooter Dulin was a first time winner on the quarter-mile, nabbing the checkers in the 25-lap Barron Motor Supply IMCA Stock Car feature. Dulin started inside the second row and took about five circuits to grab the lead from Greg Hentrich. Dulin survived a late challenge from Kurt Bohnsack but held him off for the win. Bohnsack crossed the stripe in second followed by Hentrich, Cory Houdek, and Bob Ahrendsen.


Nathan Chandler took a wild ride on the opening lap of the Sunline Hornets feature, flipping two-and-a half times as he tangled with a couple other cars entering turn two. Chandler was unhurt but unable to to continue,  When racing resumed, Jim Hanson quickly separated himself from the seventeen car field while some great position battles raged behind him. Jeff Selfridge battled Brad Chandler and Shane Hanson to score second place after starting in the sixth row. Hanson finished third followed by Chandler and Derek Parrott.


The Barron Motor Supply IMCA Hobby Stock feature saw Scott Siems land in Coca-Cola Victory Lane after starting outside row three. Nathan Ballard crossed the stripe in second with May 1 feature winner Roland Bohnsack, Jeremy Robbins, and Jacob Floyd.


The Budweiser Mid-Am Sportsmen feature saw Andy Duggan in command from start to finish and he quickly took the lead after starting inside row two in the 14-lap race.  Duggan had to like what he saw in his rear-view and Michael Weber and defending champ Dave McCalla battled side-by-side for second place for virtually the entire race. Weber prevailed for second followed by McCalla, Doug Simon, and Travis Thompson.


Tim Plummer took top honors in the Coors Light Modified feature after drawing the point.




HEAT 1- 1. Thor Anderson, Bondaurant, IA; 2 Rim Ross, Cedar Rapids, IA; 3. Tim Plummer, Norway, IA; 4. Griffin McGrath, Cedar Rapids, IA; 5. Johnny Spaw, Cedar Rapids, IA; 6. Joey Gase, Cedar Rapids, IA; 7.Justin Jennings

HEAT 2- 1. Logan Hale, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2. Brad Dvorak, Mt. Vernon, IA; 3. Brad Osborn, Janesville, IA; 4. Curt Tillman, Rockford, IL; 5. Ron Boelts, Wellsburg, IA; 6. Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids, IA;DNS- Darrell Long, Cedar Rapids, IA

FEATURE (40 laps) 1. Anderson 2. Plummer 3.McGrath  4.Spaw 5. Dvorak 6. Ross  7. Osborn  8. Gase  9. Hale  10. Jennings  11. Tillman  12. Boelts  13. Long  DNS-Siems



HEAT- 1.Andy Duggan, Marion, IA; 2. Michael Weber, Ryan, IA; 3.Doug Simon, Marion, IA; 4. Travis Thompson, Atkins, IA; 5. Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids, IA; 6. Mark Hauder, Dubuque,IA; 7. Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids, IA

FEATURE (14 laps) 1. Duggan 2. Weber 3.McCalla 4. Simon  5. Thompson  6. Hauder 7. Ahrendsen



HEAT- 1. Larry Clausen, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2. Tim Plummer, Norway, IA; 3. Arlo Becker, Norway, IA; 4. Scott Grady, Cedar Rapids, IA; 5.Ryan Luedtke, Norway, IA; 6. Craig Bender, Cedar Rapids, IA; 7. Steve Lindell, Marion, IA

FEATURE (14 laps) 1. Plummer 2. Bender  (14 laps) 3. Clausen 4. Luedtke  5. Grady  6. Lindell  7. Becker



HEAT- 1. Scooter Dulin, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2. Cory Houdek, Marion, IA; 3. Brian Beaty, Palo, IA;4.Kurt Bohnsack, Iowa City, IA; 5. Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha, IA; 6. Rodney Grother, Cedar Rapids, IA; 7. David Ballstaedt, Cedar Rapids, IA;

8. Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids, IA; 9. Mark Bolton, Cedar Rapids, IA; 10. Brian Franks, Cedar Rapids, IA; 11. Chad Siems, Shellsburg, IA

FEATURE (25 laps) 1. Dulin 2.Bohnsack 3.Hentrich 4. Houdek 5.Ahrendsen 6. Beaty 7.Ballstaedt 8. Bolton  9.Grother 10. Franks 11. Siems



HEAT 1- 1. Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2. Shaun Myers, Cedar Rapids, IA; 3. Kandi Floyd, Cedar Rapids, IA; 4. Gary Pfantz, State Center, IA; 5. Jeremy Robbins; 6. Bruce Fraser; 7. Ron Fare, Cedar Rapids, IA;

8. Franks Auen, Cedar Rapids, IA

HEAT 2- 1. Nathan Ballard, Marengo, IA; 2. Jeff Franks, Cedar Rapids, IA; 3. Roland Bohnsack, Clutier, IA; 4. Duayne Herb, Cedar Rapids, IA; 5. Malena Betzer, Cedar Rapids, IA; 6. Jacob Floyd, Cedar Rapids, IA

FEATURE 1. Siems 2. Ballard 3. Bohnsack 4. Robbins 5. Jacob Floyd; 6. Myers 7. Betzer 8. Fraser 9. Kandi Floyd 10. Herb 11. Auen  12. Franks



HEAT 1 -1. Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2. Brad Chandler, Vinton, IA; 3. Shane Hanson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 4. Derek Parrott, Marion, IA; 5. Chuck Hanson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 6. Merv Chandler, Cedar Rapids, IA;

7. Nathan Chandler, Cedar Rapids, IA; 8. Jeff Selfridge, Marion, IA

HEAT 2- 1. Brad Burhite, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2. Jose DeJesus, Cedar Rapids, IA; 3. Jasen Freeman, Cedar Rapids, IA; 4. Brogan Fiala, Fairfax, IA; 5. Steve Dighton, Cedar Rapids, IA; 6. Cristian Grady, Cedar Rapids, IA; 7. Steve Miedke

8. Charles Evens DNS- Dan Burhite, Cedar Rapids, IA

FEATURE- 1. J. Hanson; 2. Selfridge; 3. S. Hanson; 4. Parrott; 5. B. Burhite; 6. C. Hanson; 7. M. Chandler; 8. Freeman; 9. Miedke; 10. deJesus; 11. Grady; 12. Evens; 13. Dighton; 14. Fiala; 15. D. Burhite; 16. N. Chandler; 17. B Chandler



HEAT- 1. Scott Kositzky, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2. Ken Kositzky, Cedar Rapids, IA; 3. Tim Dains, Marion, IA; 4. Blake Carson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 5. Creston Williams, Atkins, IA; 6. Jonny Williams, Atkins, IA

FEATURE- 1. S. Kositzky 2. K. Kositzky 3. C. Williams 4. Dains 5. Carson 6. J. Williams