(Cedar Rapids, IA5/11/2007)óTim Plummer, Dave McCalla, Logan Hale, Arnie Reif and Tanner Allen all scored feature wins atASA- Sanctioned Hawkeye Downs Speedway on Friday night.Also on the program were two practice sessions for the ASA Late Model Challenge division which is running the Barron Motor Supply Crate Motor Classic presented by Cassill Motors on Saturday night.


††††††††††††††† Go-Karts, which run a regular Sunday afternoon program on the quarter-mile, made the first of several scheduled appearances this season as part of the Friday night program. Nine year old Tanner Allen easily out-distanced the field in that groupís 12-lap feature.Derrick Houdek, a twelve year old, finished second while Paul Flannagan, age 11, finished in third.


††††††††††††††† Arnie Reif made his first trip to Coca-Cola Victory Lane as he picked up the checkers in the IMCA Sportmod feature. Reif started on the outside of row one in the scheduled 20-lapper and powered around pole sitter Jim Buhlman during the first trip around the quarter-mile. The Hiawatha-based driver easily outpaced the field through the balance of the race, finishing ahead of Ryan Luedtke and Brian Kauffman. The last feature winner, Tony Olsen finished in fourth with Buhlman fifth and Kyle Olsen finished sixth.


††††††††††††††† Logan Hale used the pole position to his advantage in the 25-lap Barron Motor Supply IMCA Stock Car feature holding off a determined Bob Ahrendsen for the win. Hale held a tight inside line throughout the race and Ahrendsen, who normally can run anywhere on the track, couldnít make the outside work to gain an advantage. The winner from last race, Doug Otto,finished a strong third and was followed across the stripe by Randy Filling and defending champion Brad Dvorak.


††††††††††††††† In the Budweiser Sportsmen, Dave McCalla took a big step toward defending his division title in winning Friday nightís 25-lap feature. McCalla started outside the second row and snared the lead from Martin Ballard on the tenth trip around the half-mile. McCalla was able to keep himself out of reach on each of two restarts and ended up posting a .248 margin of victory over Ballard.†† Andy Duggan finished third with Curtis Van Der Wal fourth and Brian Franks fifth.


††††††††††††††† Itís Tim Plummer 2, field 0 so far this season in the Miller Time Modifieds as the Norway driver is off to a good start in his quest for a fourth straight points championship in that division. Plummer started well back in the field of the 25-lap event which was delayed by multiple cautions and was even stopped briefly after Arlo Becker tagged the wall and a whole bunch of protective foam blocks in turn three.During the first half of the race Plummer methodically picked his way through the pack moving ahead of Chad Willet a couple laps shy of the halfway mark.


††††††††††††††† While some good position battles ensued through the pack between cautions,Plummer moved away from the field, eventually crossing the line over two seconds ahead of Willet. Rodney Rocarek finished third followed by Shawn Stinger and Jim Hanson.


††††††††††††††† Two of the other regular divisions that run at Hawkeye Downs ran with the ASA Late Model Series Challenge Division on Saturday night. The Barron Motor Supply IMCA Hobby Stocks ran a non-points event and the Sunline Hornets also ran although it was a points event for them.


††††††††††††††† In the 15-lap Sunline Hornets Feature, a newcomer to the pavement, Brad Chandler, took advantage of a pole start and was never challenged enroute to his first checkered flag at Hawkeye Downs. Teammates Shawn Myers and Brian Beaty slugged it out for second place with Myers prevailing for the second slot on the finishing grid and Beaty finishing third.


††††††††††††††† The Barron Motor Supply IMCA Hobby Stocks ran a thrilling feature that sported three-wide racing and some nifty driving as several competitors drove through and around a spin and allowed the race to stay green. Tim Dains snared the trip to Coca-Cola Victory Lane finishing ahead of Gary Pfantz, Roland Bohnsack, Duayne Herb, and Steve Wilhelm.


††††††††††††††† Racing returns next Friday night when the USST Trucks join with the Budweiser Sportsmen for a special challenge event. Also on the card for next week are Miller Time Modifieds, Barron Motor Supply IMCA Hobby Stocks, Barron Motor Supply IMCA Stock Cars, Sunline Hornets, and the IMCA Sportmods.





FEATURE (20 laps)1. Arnie Reif, Hiawatha, IA; 2. Ryan Luedtke, Norway, IA; 3. Brian Kauffman, Cedar Rapids, IA; 4. Tony Olsen, Cedar Rapids, IA; 5. Jim Buhlman, Cedar Falls, IA; 6. Kyle Olsen, Cedar Rapids, IA


GO KARTS (Partial)

FEATURE (12 laps)1. Tanner Allen; 2. Derrick Houdek; 3. Paul Flannagan; 4. Dan Krall



FEATURE (25 laps)1. Logan Hale, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2. Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids, IA; 3. Doug Otto, Cedar Falls, IA; 4. Randy Filling, Toddville, IA; 5. Brad Dvorak, Lisbon, IA; 6. Dennis Hundley, Center Point, IA; 7. Kurt Bohnsack, Iowa City, IA; 8. Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 9. Chad Siems, Marion, IA; 10. Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha, IA



FEATURE (25 laps)1. Tim Plummer, Norway, IA; 2. Chad Willet, Alburnett, IA; 3. Rodney Rocarek, Mt. Vernon, IA; 4. Shawn Stinger, Palo, IA; 5. Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 6. Joey Gase, Cedar Rapids, IA; 7. Cory Houdek, Marion, IA; 8. Darrell Long, Cedar Rapids, IA; 9. Craig Bender, Cedar Rapids, IA; 10. Arlo Becker, Norway, IA; 11. Scott Strauss, Cedar Rapids, IA; 12. Steve Lindell, Marion, IA



FEATURE (25 laps)1. Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2. Martin Ballard, Marengo, IA; 3. Andy Duggan, Marion, IA; 4. Curtis Van Der Wal, Oskaloosa, IA; 5. Brian Franks, Central City, IA; 6. Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids, IA; 7. Michael Weber, Ryan, IA; 8. Mel Schappert, Cedar Rapids, IA; 9. Jon Leonard, Vinton, IA; 10. Tom Burke, Nevada, IA



FEATURE(15 laps)1. Brad Chandler, Vinton, IA; 2. Shawn Myers, Cedar Rapids, IA; 3. Brian Beaty, Palo, IA; 4. Brian Bries, Norway, IA; 5. Cory Depaul; 6. John Shroer, Marion , IA; 7. OT Guppy; 8. Connie Binder, Clutier, IA



FEATURE (20 laps)1. Tim Dains, Marion, IA; 2. Gary Pfantz, State Center, IA; 3. Roland Bohnsack, Clutier, IA; 4. Duayne Herb, Cedar Rapids, IA; 5. Steve Wilhelm, Cedar Rapids, IA; 6. Matt Lacoursiere, Cedar Rapids, IA; 7. Bill McVey; 8. Scott Benesh, Newhall, IA; 9. Kris Jones, Cedar Rapids, IA; 10. Ron Dighton, Cedar Rapids, IA