(Cedar Rapids, IA  05/10/2014)—Tim Plummer, Jim Hanson, and Kurt Bohnsack earned repeat wins in the Hy-Vee Racing Series at historic Hawkeye Downs Speedway on Friday night.

 Hibu presented a mostly enjoyable night of racing that also recognized Mothers Day and also allowed kids to have some fun. Gunny sack races were presented by the Dodge Street Tire Lil’ Racer Car Club during intermission.

A few new drivers signed in Friday night bolstering the ranks of the Sunline Hornets, Dublin City Pub Legends, Barron Motor Supply Hobby Stocks,  Mountain Dew Sportsmen, and Carpetland USA Late Models.

In Sunline Hornets, Kurt Bohnsack had relatively little trouble earning his second win of the 2014 campaign. Bohnsack, who started outside row three, shot into the lead on the first lap and coasted to the win. The best battle was for the second slot with Brad Schmidt holding off Troy Scott over the final five laps to secure the second spot. Kaden Reynolds and Trent Jochimsen rounded out the top five.

The Barron Motor Supply Hobby Stock feature saw multiple cautions as the dozen starters seemed a bit impatient over the course of the fifteen lap race. Jacob Floyd and Kandi Floyd took turns at the point amidst the cautions with Kandi spinning with five laps to go. That spin put Matt Lacoursiere in front of the pack and set up a great battle between him and Adam Petrzelka over the last couple laps.  The duo was side-by-side on the white flag lap but Lacoursiere had just enough to hold off Petrzelka.

Matt Petrzelka finished third while Nathan Ballard and Jacob Floyd completed the top of the running order.

The Miller Time Modified feature had the makings of a good one in the early laps despite just three starters. Last weeks’ winner Brian Gibson led early but Jake Griffin caught him by lap four and while making a move for the lead Griffin came into turn three a bit hard sending both he and Gibson spinning.  Neither car could continue so Ryan Luedtke was declared the winner in the shortened feature.

The Mountain Dew Sportsmen feature also had its share of cautions as the action was slowed at least three times. Jim Hanson took the early lead but Tom Burke took command on lap two, holding the lead until Cory Houdek found his way to the front.

After a stretch of green flag racing Jim Hanson found himself challenging for the lead and on lap nine he secured the point.  Houdek fought back and came up just a bit short in a bid to re-take the lead. Burke finished in third with Dave Ballstaedt fourth and Greg Hentrich was fifth.

The Carpetland USA Late Models also gained a couple more drivers, although both are familiar names as Caleb Adrian and Logan Mitchell were part of the twenty-five lap feature.

Brad Osborn led the first trip around the half-mile with Griffin McGrath close behind. Tim Plummer slipped by both McGrath and Osborn on lap two with McGrath also passing Osborn to take second as well.  McGrath chased Plummer for the balance of the race and with three laps to go McGrath got just a little two aggressive sending Plummer spinning and bring out the caution.

Plummer maintained his spot on the restart and held off a surprising charge by Caleb Adrian on the final lap. McGrath rallied to finish third.

The Dublin City Pub Legends Feature wne to Tim Goettsch but not without a last lap battle with Austin Kunert. The pair was running well ahead of the rest of the pack through most of the race and with seven laps to go were running nose-to-tail.

Goettsch had just enough to hold off Kunert finishing about a half car length ahead of him. Mark Ironside posted another strong run, finishing third. Kevin Korsmo scored fourth and Brody Willett also scored a top five run.

Racing resumes next Friday night with the Mid-American Stock Car Series paying a visit along with racing in the other five divisions at Hawkeye Downs.





May 9, 2014


HEAT 1- 1.  (86) Kevin Korsmo, Atkins; 2. (66) Dennis Diercks, Eldridge; 3. (10) Mark Ironside, Swisher; 4. (25) Cole O’Brien, Cedar Rapids; 5. (21) Mark Greb, Coralville; 6. (13) TJ Aimers, Cedar Rapids DNS-Al Diercks, Davenport

HEAT 2.- 1. (01) Tim Goettsch, Bettendorf; 2. (29) Austin Kunert, Batavia, IL; 3. (Bryce Bailey, Cedar Rapids; 4. (00) Brody Willett, Albunett; 5. (37) Danny Lehmkuhl, Cedar Rapids; 6. (58) Tyler Kingery, Prior Lake, MN

(FEATURE (25 laps) 1. Goettsch 2.Kunert 3. Ironside 4. Korsmo 5. Willett 6. O’Brien 7. Dennis Diercks 8. Lehmkuhl 9. Al Diercks 10. Greb 11. Bailey 12. Aimers 13. Kingery


HEAT- 1. (4) Kurt Bohnsack, Iowa City; 2. (54) CJ Van Horn, Marion; 3. (14) Zach Hartman, Cedar Rapids; 4. (7b) Brad Schmidt, Cedar Rapids; 5. (1)  Kaden Reynolds; 6.(1a) Trent Jochimsen; DNS- (44) Troy Scott, Cedar Rapids

FEATURE (15 laps) 1. Bohnsack 2. Schmidt 3. Scott 4. Reynolds 5. Jochinsen 6. Van Horn 7. Hartman


HEAT 1- 1. (29) Nathan Ballard, Marengo; 2. (2) Matt Lacoursiere, Cedar Rapids; 3. (57) Malena Clement, Cedar Rapids; 4. (54) Jason Sherman, Marengo; 5. (6) John Ness, Cedar Rapids; 6. (12) Brandon Herb, Marion

HEAT 2- 1. (14j) Jacob Floyd, Cedar Rapids; 2. (48) Adam Petrzelka, Norway; 3. (22) Matt Petrzelka, Norway; 4. (12k) Kandi Floyd, Cedar Rapids; 5. (12j) Jeremy Floyd, Cedar Rapids; 6. (00N) Drew Nickell, Cedar Rapids

FEATURE (15 laps) 1. Lacoursiere 2. Adam Petrzelka 3. Matt Petrzelka 4. Ballard 5. Jacob Floyd 6. Sherman 7. Kandi Floyd 8. Clement 9. Nickell 10. Herb 11. Jeremy Floyd 12. Ness


HEAT- 1. (35) Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha; 2. (88) Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 3. (5) Tom Burke, Am es; 4. (19) Cory Houdek, Marion; 5. (9) Dave Ballsteadt, Marion

FEATURE (15 laps) 1. Hanson 2. Houdek 3. Burke 4. Ballsteadt 5. Hentrich


HEAT- 1. (66) Jake Griffin, Quincy, IL; 2. (8) Ryan Luedtke, Norway; 3. (17) Brian Gibson, Walford

FEATURE (10laps) 1. Luedtke 2. Gibson 3. Griffin


HEAT- 1. (74) Tim Plummer, Norway; 2. (64) Griffin McGrath, Cedar Rapids; 3. (72) Brad Osborn, Janesville; 4. (43) Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids; 5. (29) Caleb Adrian, Davenport; 6. (99) Logan Mitchell, Palmyra, MO; DNS- (40) Curt Tillman, Roscoe, IL; DNS-(76) Chad Siems, Shellsburg

FEATURE(25 laps) 1 . Plummer 2. Adrian 3. McGrath 4. Scott Siems 5. Mitchell 6. Osborn 7. Chad Siems DNS-Tillman