By Brad Grupe


(CEDAR RAPIDS, IA  050801)—The Thunderstocks, Legends, Women On Wheels, and 2 Driver Cruisers were all in action at Hawkeye Downs on Tuesday, May 8. The quarter-mile warriors raced in support of the National Kidney Foundation “Tour For A Cure” which featured the only appearance of the NKF Dirt Modifieds on a paved track. 


                 Due to the large number of entries the Barron Motor Supply Thunderstocks ran a pair of 25-lap features. Both features count toward the points championship and the Papa Johns Cup Championship.


                In the first Thunderstock Feature Steve Snyder, Cedar Rapids, snagged the checkers after quickly grabbing the lead from the second row. Snyder held off Frank Auen for the win in a race, which saw the front five cars tightly bunched with great battles for position throughout the field. Frank Auen finished second with Ron Jarrett crossing the stripe in third.


                The second Thunderstock Feature was equally exciting with Daryl Jones of Cedar Rapids crossing the line first. Like the winner of the first race, Jones started in the second row and quickly took the point from Chip Kohl. Second place went to Kohl with Dean Michel placing third.


                The Coca-Cola Women On Wheels ran a spirited 20-lap feature, which saw multiple lead changes and an incident on the white flag lap that scrambled the running order considerably.  When the checkers waved Deb Mefford of Cedar Rapids secured the win with Dana Scott finishing right on her bumper.  Sandra Sheldon was third.


                BJ Goodin of Hiawatha recovered from a spin early in the A-1 Performance Marine Legends feature and grabbed the trophy and the win in the 25-lap race. Goodin finished with a comfortable margin over Tom Frady, who led much of the early part of the race. Kyle Hinrichs finished in the third slot.


                The tandem of Steve Luedtke and Mike Carver were awarded the win in the 20-lap 2-Driver Cruiser after the on-track winner driven by Matt Jones and John Morgan didn’t pass tech. The “Jones boys”- Daryl and Scott finished in second with Derek and Lori Scott finishing in third.



RESULTS FOR May 8, 2001



Heat 1- Dan Chapman, Clarence

Heat 2- Darin Duffy, Hazelton

Heat 3- Mark Elliott, Webster City


1.        John Ball, Rock Island, IL

2.        Darin Thye, Burlington

3.        Arlo Becker, Atkins

4.        Jerry King, Waterloo

5.        Donovan Lodge, Colona, IL

6.        Bart Miller, Clarence

7.        J.D. Auringer, Evansdale

8.        Jason Snyder, Dunkerton

9.        Keith Siefken, Cedar Rapids

10.     Mark Thede, Wilton

11.     Darin Duffy, Hazelton

12.     Mark Elliott, Webster City

13.     Dan Chapman, Clarence

14.     Don Erger, Brandon

15.     Aric Becker, Cedar Rapids

16.     Jerry Miles, Dubuque

17.     Scott Fridley, Mechanicsville

18.     Patrick Flannagan, Cedar rapids

19.     Bret Frieden, Fairfax

20.     Mike Schulte, Norway



Feature #1

1.        Steve Snyder, Cedar Rapids

2.        Frank Auen, Garrison

3.        Ron Jarrett, Atkins

4.        Crystal Griesehop, Mt. Vernon

5.        Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha

6.        Ron Dighton, Cedar Rapids

7.        James Sheldon, Cedar Rapids

8.        Crystal Wessley, Marion

9.        Marty Sea,  North Liberty

10.     Dave Gleason, Cedar Rapids

11.     Mike Block, Cedar Rapids

12.     Jeremy Meyer, Cedar Rapids

13.     Shawn Carnahan, Cedar Rapids

14.     Lisa Dumond, Cedar Rapids


Feature #2

1.        Darryl Jones, Cedar Rapids

2.        Chip Kohl, Marion

3.        Dean Michel, Cedar Rapids

4.        Scott Strauss, Cedar Rapids

5.        Fred Mains, Cedar Rapids

6.        Mike Walsh, Cedar Rapids

7.        Cory Houdek, Anamosa

8.        Jeff Selfridge, Marion

9.        Mike DeSotel, Cedar Rapids

10.     Kevin Sanborn, Ely

11.     Bobby Grandstaff, Carlisle

12.     Mark Doudney, Cedar Rapids

13.     Dan Thompson, Cedar Rapids




1.        Deb Mefford, Marion

2.        Dana Scott, Cedar Rapids

3.        Sandra Sheldon, Cedar Rapids

4.        Gwen Christensen, Stanwood

5.        Julie Walsh, Cedar Rapids

6.        Wendy Carnahan, Cedar Rapids

7.        Linn Hite, Urbana

8.        Amber Wisted, Cedar Rapids

9.        Teresa Winders, Mt. Vernon

10.     Danielle Auen, Garrison

11.     Jenn Harrington, Cedar Rapids




1.        BJ Goodin, Hiawatha

2.        Tom Frady, Cedar Rapids

3.        Kyle Hinrichs, Swisher

4.        Kevin Foreman, Cedar Rapids

5.        Keith Moline, Cedar Rapids

6.        Bob Havlik, Toddville

7.        Warren Ropp, Kalona

8.        Lane Swearinger,  Davenport

9.        Matt Montieth, Port Byron, IL

10.     Larry Solbrig, Cedar Rapids

11.     Eric Appleget, Ely

12.     Mike Foreman, Cedar Rapids

13.     Chris Sevey, Waterloo

14.     Al Smith, Rockford, IL




1.        Steve Luedtke/Mike Carver

2.        Darryl Jones. Scott Jones

3.        Derek Scott/Lori Scott

4.        Jim Anderson/Ed Gintert

5.        Bob Ahrendsen/?

6.        Shelli O’Brien/Jim O’Brien

7.        Brad Dvorak/Matt Poduska

8.        Jeff Hempstead/Blaine McGlaughlin

9.        Tim Kemmerer/Ed O’Brien

10.     Scott Siems/Chris Shakespeare

11.     Marty Klees/Eric Gintert

12.     Ken Perry/Darrin O’Brien

  1. Jeff Bohnsack/David Bohnsack