By Brad Grupe

Photos: Jim Wittke- Speedway Souvenir


(Cedar Rapids, IA 05/062011)—Four repeat feature winners highlighted week two of the Papa John Cup/I-Wireless Championship Series at Hawkeye Downs Speedway on Friday night. Innovative Signs of Marion presented the evening’s action and also provided extra trophies allowing the top three finishers in each feature to receive some hardware for their efforts.


In Barron Motor Supply Hobby Stocks, Nathan Ballard wasted little time in pursuit of his second feature win as he took the lead in turn two of the first lap of the 15-lap feature. Ballard had relatively smooth sailing until the halfway mark when Matt Petrzelka moved into position to challenge for the point.

Ballard was able to hold off Petrzelka for the win pulling away over the last few laps. Jeremy Robbins posted another strong run, finishing third.


HEAT- 1. Jeremy Robbins, Swisher; 2. Matt Petrzelka, Cedar Rapids; 3.Nathan Ballard, Marengo; 4.Roland Bohsnack, Clutier; 5.Dakota Dains, Marion; 6. Brian Bries, Norway; DNS- Matt Lacoursiere, Cedar Rapids

FEATURE (15 laps)  1. Ballard 2.Petrzelka 3.Robbins 4.Bohnsack 5.Lacoursiere 6. Dains 7.Bries



Greg Hentrich started on the pole and led the first six circuits of the  20-lap Coca-Cola Sportsmen feature before surrendering the lead to Cory Houdek. Houdek started inside row two, moved to second by lap four and then made what would be the winning pass on lap seven.

Hentrich maintained second while Ben Glascock ran a very strong third in his first outing of the season. Dave Ballstaedt finished fourth and Tim Dains was fifth.


HEAT- 1. Dave Ballstaedt, Marion; 2.Cory Houdek, Marion; 3.Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha; 4.Tim Dains, Marion; 5. Al Jarvis, Center Point; 6. Ben Glascock, Indianola; 7.Malena Betzer, Cedar Rapids;

FEATURE (20 laps) 1. Houdek 2.Hentrich 3. Glascock 4.Ballstaedt 5.Dains 6. Jarvis 7. Betzer



Rachael Pinkerman of Barrington Hills, IL dominated the  25-lap McGrath Powersports INEX Legends feature in the same fashion that she did in her limited appearances here last season when the division ran a partial schedule. Matt Blake led the first trip around the quarter-mile but Pinkerman blasted into the lead on lap two and was never challenged in collecting her first win of the season.

Troy Burkhart finished second in his first run of the year and was followed across the stripe  by Matt Blake.


HEAT- 1.Rachael Pickerman, Barrington Hills, IL 2. Matt Blake, Cedar Rapids; 3.Troy Burkhart, Urbana; 4.Bryce Bailey, Cedar Rapids; 5. Gary Dyer, Blue Grass; 6.Tim Goettsch; 7.Heath Ropp, Ames

FEATURE( 25 laps) 1. Pinkerman 2.Burkhart 3.Blake 4.Goettsch 5.Dyer 6. Ropp  7.Bailey



Tim Plummer bagged his second feature win of the season Friday night after taking the lead from his row two starting slot on the 8th lap. Ryan Luedtke led the early going but Plummer moved into second by lap three, and was on Luedtke’s rear bumper by lap five, taking the lead three laps later.

Luedtke held onto second despite strong pressure from Brian Gibson who settled for third. Arlo Becker finished fourth after starting on the point with Craig Bender fifth.


HEAT – 1. Arlo Becker, Norway; 2.Ryan Luedtke, Norway; 3.Tim Plummer, Cedar Rapids; 4.Brian Gibson, Walford; 5.Craig Bender, Cedar Rapids; 6. Jason Beauregard, Cedar Rapids; 7. Tim Dains, Marion

FEATURE (20 laps)1. Plummer 2.Luedtke 3.Gibson 4.Becker 5.Bender 6.Beauregard 7.Dains




After a pair of cautions slowed the early action in the Sunline Hornets feature, Nathan Chandler settled into the top spot while numerous position battles took place throughout the pack.  Chandler took the point on lap four after starting in the fourth row and then held off his brother Brad and Derek Parrott over the final laps to gain his first win of the season. Brad Chandler, Derek Parrott, Dallas Chandler and Jamie Witham completed the top five of the order.

Friday night also marked the return of the Innovative Signs Trophy Dash in which Promoter Mike Becker selects six cars in a particular division to run a six-lap dash for some hardware for the mantle. Parker Anderson of Marion nabbed the trophy in his first outing in Sunline Hornets crossing the flagstand ahead of James Stevens and Prestin Witham.


INNOVATIVE SIGNS TROPHY DASH- 1. Parker Anderson, Marion; 2.James Stevens, Cedar Rapids; 3.Prestin Witham, Cedar Rapids; 4.Joe Bean, Cedar Rapids; 5.Aaron Jarvis, Center Point DNS-Jacob McVay, Cedar Rapids

HEAT 1- 1. Derek Parrott, Marion; 2.Jamie Witham, Cedar Rapids; 3.Casey Bilden, Cedar Rapids; 4.Parker Anderson, Marion; 5.John Ness, Cedar Rapids; DNS- Aaron Jarvis, Center Point; DNS-Joe Bean, Cedar Rapids

HEAT 2- 1.Brad Chandler, Cedar Rapids; 2.Ian Pate, Cedar Rapids; 3.Dallas Chandler, Cedar Rapids; 4. Todd Ness, Cedar Rapids; 5.Hallie Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 6.Jacob McVay, Cedar Rapids

HEAT 3- 1. Nate Chandler, Cedar Rapids; 2.Jose deJesus, Cedar Rapids; 3.Kurt Bohnsack, Iowa City; 4.James Stevens, Cedar Rapids; 5.Prestin Witham, Cedar Rapids; 6.Jeff Dvorak

FEATURE (20 laps) 1. Nate Chandler 2.Brad Chandler 3.Parrott 4.Dallas Chandler 5.Jamie Witham 6.DeJesus 7.Pate 8. Bohnsack 9.Hanson 10.Bilden 11.Stevens 12.anderson 13.Prestin Witham 14.McVay 15.Todd Ness 16.Dvorak 17. John Ness DNS- Bean  DNS-Jarvis


LaGrange, Missouri driver Justin Jennings was the dominant driver early on in the Performance Concepts Late Model 30- lap feature but thanks to a couple cautions that bunched the field things got interesting just shy of the halfway mark.

Joey Gase, who started in row four, found himself in the second slot after a lap ten restart and then mounted a challenge for the lead on lap thirteen and took the lead for good one lap later.

Meanwhile, Brad Osborn was also having a strong run and while he was on Gase’s bumper on lap sixteen and seventeen he couldn’t make a run for the point and settled for the second spot. Justin Jennings maintained third to the checkered flag with Andy Edwards posting an impressive run to finish fourth. Likewise, Mason Mitchell ran an impressive race and finished fifth.


HEAT 1- 1.Andy Edwards, New Hartford, IA; 2.Joey Gase, Cedar Rapids, IA; 3.Brad Osborn, Janesville, IA; 4.Travis Thompson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 5.Chad Siems, Shellsburg, IA; 6. Scott Siems, Cedar Rapids, IA; 7.Curt Tillman, Rockford, IL

HEAT 2- 1. Kyle Hinrichs, Swisher, IA; 2.Justin Jennings, LaGrange, MO; 3.Brian Allen, Hiawatha, IA; 4.Jay Jaspers, Steamboat Rock, IA; 5.Mason Mitchell, West Des Moines, IA; 6. J. Herbst, Lacrosse, WI

FEATURE (30 laps) 1.Gase 2.Osborn 3.Jennings 4.Edwards 5.Mitchell 6.Herbst 7.Thompson 8.Allen 9.Chad Siems 10.Tillman 11.Scott Siems 12.Hinrichs 13.Jaspers