By Brad Grupe


(Cedar Rapids, IA 042701)—Steve Carlson, Mike Schulte, and Curt VanDerWal all earned spots in the Hawkeye Downs history books Friday night. Those three drivers have the distinction of being the first feature winners in the new ASA Member Track Program at Hawkeye Downs. Their wins also earned them points in the new ASA/Hawk Performance/Papa John’s Cup Championship Series.


            Carlson, of West Salem ,WI, started 16th in the 50 lapper for Aggregates Late Models and as he has done in the past methodically picked his way toward the front using all of the race track The winning move came with under fifteen laps to go after Carlson and TJ Schaeffer ran side by side for a couple laps. Carlson finally wrestled the lead away and later held off the challenges of Curt Martin who ran a very strong second despite being ill.


Martin’s teammate, Brian Gibson, finished in third after taking the green from the fourth row. Dave Naylor posted a strong finish in his return to Hawkeye Downs, finishing fourth after starting in the eighth row. Likewise, Justin Diercks finished fifth after starting deep in the 25-car field.


The 25-lap Miller Time Modified feature had a familiar look to it as Mike Schulte and Arlo Becker did battle up front after working through the pack. Becker and Schulte have battled side-by-side for what seems like forever and on this occasion Schulte was able to hold off Becker for the win.  John Troxel posted a strong third place finish with Larry Clausen and Brian Allen finishing out the top of the order in the caution–free event.



Curt VanDerWal dominated the Budweiser Sportsmen feature after he took the lead with just eight laps scored. Kevin Lee and Craig Bender were VanDerWal’s closest pursuers and that trio formed a three-car breakaway until caution waved with nine circuits remaining.


When racing resumed, the front three positions were status quo with a great battle for fourth between Steve Kibort, Scot Johnson and Martin Ballard. Kibort ultimately finished fourth and Johnson fifth on the track but Kevin Lee did not pass tech advancing Bender to second, Kibort to third, Johnson to fourth and Ballard to fifth.


Racing resumes Friday night, May 4 when the Barron Motor Supply Super Stocks join the other three ASA Member Track divisions for a full program. Race time is 7pm.




1.       Steve Carlson, West Sale, WI

2.       Curt Martin, Independence, IA

3.       Brian Gibson, Cedar Rapids, IA

4.       Dave Naylor, Scotch Grove, IA

5.       Justin Diercks, Davenport, IA

6.       Wade Prasil, Cedar Rapids, IA

7.       Scot Johnson, Ankeny, IA

8.       Greg Kastli, Waterloo, IA

9.       Max Corporon, Marion, IA

10.   Doug Hite, Urbana, IA

11.   Mike Ehde, Prarie Du Chien, WI

12.   TJ Schaefer, Solon, IA

13.   Brian Allen, Hiawatha, IA

14.   Scott Delsing, Iowa City, IA

15.   Lorin Kurth, Waukon, IA

16.   Josh Walker, Ankeny, IA

17.   Jeff King, Cedar Rapids, IA

18.   John Robinson, Des Moines, IA

19.   Randy Coghlan, Toddville, IA

20.   Larry Kelley, Cedar Rapids, IA

21.   Les Cady, Deer Grove, IL

22.   Marty Diercks, Bettendorf, IA

23.   Keith Siefken, Cedar Rapids, IA

24.   Jim Ross, Cedar Rapids, IA

25.   Terry Rachels, Knoxville, IA



  1. Curt VanDerWal, Oskaloosa, IA
  2. Craig Bender, Cedar Rapids, IA
  3. Steve Kibort, Milan, IL
  4. Scot Johnson, Ankeny, IA
  5. Martin Ballard, Marengo, IA
  6. Dave Johnson, Ankeny, IA
  7. Andy Duggan, Marion, IA
  8. Ron Fisher, Shellsburg, IA
  9. Paul Walder, Cedar Rapids, IA
  10. Jack Vincent, Nevada, IA
  11. Mel Schappert, Cedar Rapids, IA
  12. Brian Franks, Central City, IA
  13. Jason Vincent, Nevada, IA
  14. Lyle Williams, Center Point, IA
  15. JJ Meyer, Cedar Rapids, IA
  16. John Henecke, Hiawatha, IA
  17. Tom Burke, Nevada, IA
  18. Johnny Mudd, Cedar Rapids, IA
  19. Dan Zamastil, Fairfax, IA
  20. Bryan Jones, Swisher, IA
  21. Bruce Scheff, Swisher, IA
  22. Bob Ahrendsen, Cedar Rapids, IA
  23. Ross Kurth, Waukon, IA


    1. Mike Schulte, Norway, IA
    2. Arlo Becker, Atkins, IA
    3. John Troxel, Cedar Rapids, IA
    4. Larry Clausen, Cedar Rapids, IA
    5. Brian Allen, Hiawatha, IA
    6. Scott Wennermark, Cedar Rapids, IA
    7. Bob Gase, Cedar Rapids, IA
    8. Pat Flannagan, Cedar Rapids, IA
    9. Keith Gogel, Solon, IA
    10. Bill Flannagan, Cedar Rapids, IA
    11. Don Flannagan, Anamosa, IA
    12. James Lamphier, Urbana, IA
    13. Beau Duffield, Cedar Rapids, IA
    14. Eric Lamphier, Marion, IA
    15. Jim Williams, Cedar Rapids, IA